Monday, 22 October 2012

Oct 2012 Ox Loli Meet- Spooky Picnic!

On Saturday we held the October Oxfordshire Lolita meet. This time we met in the evening to have a picnic in the dark. Sadly, this does mean my photos were not brilliant, but I have included some of the better ones. I am very sorry Roxy and Nicola, but it looks like I didn't get any good photos of you two. All the photos will be up on my Facebook soon. 

We held our picnic by a lovely bit of river. I managed to catch a lovely sunset on the river in some of the photos, like with this one of Katy. Katy's outfit was awesome and I was surprised to hear that the skeleton tights were from Bodyline. Sadly, I don't think they are on the website any more!

It was very strange seeing our host Sammi in dark colours! Sammi normally wears sweet. Her make-up and BJD tights were done very well. She was also a very lovely host. I think Sammi was a little worried that this meet wasn't going to go well but I know I had fun!

I do have a couple of photos of my outfit because I got my poor husband to take a load! Please excuse the stereotypical mourning gothic posing...

My general theme for the outfit was "Kuro Bride". Most of my outfit is Bodyline. The veil came from an American Etsy store. If you search "black veil" on Etsy, then chances are, you will find the store I got this from. I wore my Demonia platforms and off-brand jewellery. I managed to stun some teenagers in to total silence, so I think my outfit was a success! It felt very odd being in all black, but I do love the kuro style. I wouldn't mind trying shiro, but I don't think it would suit my colouring. 

This photo needed a LOT of light adjusting.

Niamh was wearing guro and Amber was wearing Vampire Forest. I think this was the best photo I got all night. I really like it. For some reason, Niamh always ends up on the ground at our meets! It has become a bit of a tradition now. 

A few people had to drop out, so we ended up with a lot of sugar at our picnic. Not that anybody was complaining! I enjoyed the food. I managed to find some ghost and bat shaped crisps and biscuits. In fact, I think everybody did very well finding food to suit the meet. Sammi's decorations were really cool. Believe it or not, but most of them came from Poundland. I will be looking in there for cheap decorations in the future!

Nicola made a very cute ghost cake. The bit of orange was a bit of confetti that accidentally fell on the cake, but it made a good nose. Do ghosts have noses? I don't know... but the cake was very yummy though. It was a shame to cut up such a cute ghost, but it was worth it.

So I had a great evening. I learnt that wearing kuro/gothic is actually quite fun. I don't think I will be wearing this style as much as sweet and classic, but I am not ruling out further gothic inspired outfits. I know Amber was very happy to see so much black at a meet! It was a very enjoyable time and it was lovely to see everybody again. I am looking forward to the November meet now!


  1. Lovely! awesome photos and I love the Halloween stuff for the picnic! so cute <3

    1. Thank you! I think everybody did an amazing job with the food and their outfits!

  2. What a lovely post :) Seems like so much fun, I wish I could have been there too! I'm in halloween mood! :D

  3. it looks like an amazing creepy picnic!!I love these photos,even food look great! ^^

    1. Thank you! I am glad some of the photos came out! XD


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