Thursday, 25 October 2012

Juliette et Justine Shopping Review- Positive

I recently placed an order through the Juliette and Justine website for the first time and so, it is review time! Please note I placed this order through and not through their Rakuten store.

Ordering Process

Ordering from JetJ can be a bit daunting at first. I was able to browse the website quite easily but there is a lot of stuff which could be confusing to newcomers. That is where this post from EGL comes in-

That EGL guide is your new best friend! By using it, ordering from JetJ was a lot easier and I knew exactly what I was doing. I even remembered to use my discount voucher from the TPC 5th Anniversary event! I did have to go back because whilst I was filling out the form, the colour I wanted sold out, but after adding my 2nd colour choice to the cart everything went smoothly.


JetJ responded relatively quickly. They get a lot of orders from overseas so I think they are quite confident when it comes to dealing with foreign customers. I understood exactly what they were saying and what I had to do and when. I got an order confirmation email on the same day I ordered and was invoiced about 4 days afterwards, which is how long I was expecting. After my order was shipped out I even got a follow up email, thanking me for my order. It is nice to see JetJ care about their customers.


I got a shipping confirmation email 3 days later with my tracking number. I didn't really get a chance to use the tracking number as my parcel arrived just a few days later. It did look as though the tracking was updated frequently though. I was very impressed with the shipping speed.

My order was shipped in a strong plastic bag with one of JetJ's shopping bags inside. The bag was sealed well, so I was confident my item was safe inside. I only ordered a pair of tights, so I wasn't too worried about the contents moving about. That being said, I couldn't feel the tights moving around at all and they didn't have much space to move anyway.

Such a pretty shopping bag!

And inside were my lovely new tights and some information, including my personal details. As you can see, I managed to get the cross patterned tights that they were selling at the TPC event, when the person in front of me got the very last pair! I chose burgandy but I really wanted the cream ones. But I am very happy with my 2nd choice of colour.

I don't quite understand why the waist band is so decorative when nobody is going to see it, but I suppose it is a nice finishing touch! The quality is exactly the same as the other pair of JetJ tights I have. They are not the strongest pair of tights I own, but they are still pretty good. I don't feel as though I am going to ladder them as I pull them on. The tights also feel very soft.

The only thing I would say is that the colour is quite a bit lighter when worn, especially when you compare this flat photo with the next photo.

And here is a worn photo. I apologise because this probably isn't the greatest photo. Although nearer the bottom the colour is still quite rich, it does start to fade more towards the knees and the top half. It is mainly noticeable around the knee area, which I suppose is where you would expect this colour fading as you bend your knees and the tights will have to stretch more. It probably doesn't help that the sizing is not that generous. I wouldn't consider myself plus-sized, but I am probably nearing the maximum measurement for these tights. I definitely wouldn't recommend these to anybody larger than me. That being said, most of the more faded colour will be hidden when I wear lolita. I would definitely still recommend JetJ tights, but I would say that if you are going for darker colours, then proceed with caution. I have decided I am going to layer another pair of tights underneath to give these tights more depth. Apart from the colour problem, the design is beautiful. I absolutely love the gothic looking crosses and even when the design is stretched you can still see the cross detail. 

So I would say this has been a very positive experience. Juliette et Justine are very kind and helpful towards their overseas customers and I felt very valued as a customer. My tights were shipped with great care. The tights themselves are also good. Yes, the colour fades a bit, but that is quite common with tights like this. I would definitely order from Juliette et Justine again. Maybe next time I will order through their Rakuten store to see if their service is just as good there.

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