Monday, 2 July 2012

Merry Go Round Tights

I am going through a bit of a printed tights phase at the moment! Yesterday I was on a forum and was alerted to a blog on Ameblo, which had some very beautiful designs on it. I am so happy I saw these.

The blog in question-

My current favourite are these night time inspired tights. The colours are vibrant! I am a little unsure about the "garter" style design, but I would love to own a pair of these!

These tights would be brilliant with Chess Chocolate! I wonder if they were designed with this in mind?

The only trouble is, I have absolutely no idea how to order from this site! They have sold out anyway, but I would love to find out more about this blog. I have been having a bit of a browse and found an online shop and ordering forms. But it is such a pain trying to navigate and I am translating issues! Also, I don't think this blog is that well known so I don't know how readily available the information I need is. If anybody can shed some light on this blog and the ordering process, I would really appreciate it!

I think what appeals to me about these tights is that although I love the pastel colours available on other printed tights, the colours used here are bolder but still keep that sweet look. The designs are also very interesting.

So I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future designs and if anybody can provide any additional information, then I will be very grateful!


  1. Wow! These are amazing!
    I am so obsessed with tights & socks!

    If you ever find out how to order, please let me know :3

    1. Thanks to the commenter below, I found this Facebook GO-

  2. Hi! If you go to this blog:, and scroll.

    She is having a grouporder for all the tights from that blog, but they need enough people to make it happen.

    I think she also has a FB event, but I recommend looking at her blog for more information :)

    1. Oh wow! Thank you so much! Your comment was really helpful. I am just having a look at the Facebook event now. :D

  3. I joined the group order :D
    I can't wait to get my hands on a pair of these! I want the chess chocolate ones!

    1. Same here! I have gone for the Twinkle Star ones but I wouldn't mind getting the Chess Chocolate ones too!

  4. Little bit different but looking good! I've plain but the printed tights are looking more attractive. Thanks for providing an exclusive idea.
    cool tights


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