Thursday, 12 July 2012

Ciate Caviar Manicure Set

I have been looking in to doing more interesting things with my nails at the moment. I have noticed that in the past, I have mainly been doing more decorative nails with sweet lolita, but not much with classic lolita. I don't know why, because there are lots of different things you could do for classic lolita too. I am always saving tutorials that look interesting, regardless of the style they suit!

A huge factor of how I do my nails is how difficult they are to do. And so, I like to research kits. A couple of weeks ago, I found out about Ciate "Caviar" manicure sets. I initially discovered the black set, but then I found out they come in 3 colours.

Basically, the kits include very tiny pearls, which has the texture of caviar, and a nail polish. This is the Mother of Pearl version. Although it is meant to look like caviar, I think they look a lot like very tiny pearls. I reckon this kit would be perfect for classic lolita! It has a nice finish to it.

I don't see why you would have to use the nail polish colour provided alongside the pearls, so it would be interesting to play around and see what combinations work and what effects you can create. I am thinking about using a more off-white, creamy colour so it looks the same colour as standard pearls. Another idea I thought of was going to Claire's Accessories to buy some really cheap pearl bracelets, breaking them, and then adding on individual pearls, so that the pearls are different sizes and adds a bit more depth.

Without seeing this kit for myself, I wont know how easy it is to use. But I am considering getting the kit, and if I do then I will review it here! The kits cost about £18. You can probably DIY these nails for a lot less than that, but the kit has the advantage of being quicker and hopefully, easier. Either way, I am very curious!


  1. I saw these kits at sephora, I was interested to try them to. Would the balls not fall off the nails super easy? How would you remove them after?

    Just questions I keep asking myself.

    I do like the affect though. Cupcake Clothes also had a tutorial on how to get this effect on ones nails that was a bit more cost effective. :)

    1. I am guessing you use top coat to seal them in? I think maybe you would just have to scrub really hard with the nail polish remover!

      I will check out the Cupcake Clothes version!


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