Monday, 25 June 2012

Meet the Juliette et Justine Designers! And more! Come to London!

In September, there will be a MASSIVE event here in the UK. Kyra of the Tea Party Club has done an absolutely amazing job so far, but we need to get as many people to come as possible! So I am trying to raise a bit of awareness in the hope that more people will come. I appreciate that a lot of my readers might not be UK-based or have the money to come, but there is no harm in trying!

This event is a huge deal, because it is a chance to show Japan just how popular lolita is in the West. You never know, if this event is a success, it may lead to even bigger things in the future! This is the first time Juliette and Justine have done an event like this (not even Japan has had a JetJ event like this) and the editor of the Gothic Lolita Bible will also be present. At the time of publishing, 124 lolitas are attending.

A short video here-

Facebook event here-

Tickets can be purchased here-

Hopefully that is all the information you will need! Seriously, this event is going to be AMAZING!!!!

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