Monday, 11 June 2012

Dreamy Horoscope by Angelic Pretty

Today I will be taking a look at the other new horoscope print. You can see the print discussion for the BABY print here-

But today's print is from Angelic Pretty. It is called Dreamy Horoscope. This series contains 2 dresses, a salopette, a skirt, 3 different hair accessories, 2 pairs of socks, a blouse, a unicorn plush bag, a star shaped bag and various bits of jewellery. Does this series rival Baby's print? Let's find out!

This is the OP. I think the bodice shape looks fine, but I would definitely use the waist ties to help it look more fitted. I like the gathering on the front because it gives the front more texture and depth. It would look worse if it was totally flat and hopefully it will mean it fits the bust a bit better. The neckline is decorated with cute star lace. Whilst the lace does blend in to the design a lot, I think it is needed because otherwise this dress would be so plain and boring. The sleeves look very stretchy. I like how they are not too puffy, because I don't think very puffy sleeves would suit the shape of this dress. They are finished off with cute thin ribbon bows. I really like the ribbon bow on the front and the cross-neck straps (not visible in this picture) because they have star charms on the end! Just like Dream Sky! The shirring runs the whole way across the back, and that means it is very exposed. I don't think that looks particularly nice, but the great thing is that it makes the dress size really flexible. I can imagine this dress being very comfortable to wear. The baby-doll shape is very appealing and the skirt shape is lovely. It is not your typical lolita shape, but that has hardly affected sales of other similar series. The skirt part has been kept quite plain, so the print is displayed better. The bottom is finished with a ruffle and 2 lines of lace, which works really well. It makes the dress look more interesting, but at the same time it fits the style of dress. My main complaint is that the material used is very shiny.

This is the JSK. I have been pondering the kindest way to talk about this JSK... but to be honest, it looks like a sack. It is so shapeless and unflattering! There is no real bodice to the dress, so it probably wont provide much support to those who are large in the bust area. If it wasn't for the print, I wouldn't even notice it was AP.

The neckline also doesn't appeal to me. The round neckline and ruffle don't seem to match up well with the main shape of the dress. I think the ruffle part is a bit too wide and sticks outwards too much. The lace however, is up to AP's usual standard and looks cute. The straps are also finished with more star charms on the back, which is cute.

As there is no real bodice, it means there is no shirring on the back. Smaller lolitas will be grateful for the waist ties, although I would be interested to see how this affects the overall shape of the dress. The bottom hem is finished off with a nice ruffle, topped with more AP logo lace. Again, the material used is very shiny.

And here we have the print close-up. AP have gone very cutesy here (Did we really expect them to do anything else?) and I had no idea there was a cupcake constellation! I am pretty sure AP made that one up...  Whilst I do like the floating stars in the background, I don't really like the floating constellations in this print. It just doesn't look that special. It almost looks as though somebody just doodled some cute things on a notepad and thought they would stick them all together in a print. As you can see, the print comes in 5 colours- white, pink, sax, con blue and black. The dress material is so shiny, the print is almost non-existant on the pink and sax colour ways because it blends in way too much. I also think the white colour-way is absolutely hideous and cheap looking. I personally would only go for the con blue or black, because at least the print stands out on these 2 darker colours.

For me, the jewellery is also a bit of a let-down. Whilst I appreciate it has been done to match the print, I really dislike the lines on the jewellery. They look really scratchy and it just doesn't appeal to me. There are 2 items shaped like bows and I felt they both looked awkward.

I do feel that the unicorn jewellery is the saving grace of the series, BUT only in certain colours. I think the blue (the colour is called con) is the strongest colour for this jewellery. Unlike the bows, I feel the unicorn jewellery does need the lines on it to help the unicorn design stand out. Other colours, such as the pink and sax blue ones, don't work as well because the lines blend in and don't stand out. Unfortunately, it makes these colours look as though you are wearing a randomly shaped lump of plastic around your neck, instead of a cute unicorn.

I am at least happy that AP have released more star shaped bags. I really love this blue colour!

So overall, I am hugely disappointed with the series. I think AP was trying to catch the magic of Dream Sky and in my personal opinion, they failed! As somebody who is a star print fan, I think I was expecting something a bit more special. I prefer the OP over the JSK (which is unusual for me!). I would only go for black or con. Would I buy this series? No. Although I have added the con blue star bag to my wishlist, because that is too cute for me to resist.


  1. It's sad but I don't like this print at all :S It feels kinda cheap, even though I love themes like this :S

  2. I actually really like the print on black, but the clothing designs are a bit of a let down (although I like the skirt). It does seem a little too similar to Dream Sky though, only uglier!

    1. Yeah, black is definitely one of the better colours for this series. It is nowhere near as good as Dream Sky! :D

  3. I really hate this series. I hate the print, I hate the acessories, and I hate all of the dress/skirt designs. I just hate it all.

    1. It was a huge disappointment for me. :( I do want the star bag though! XD

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  5. This is actually the only print I have ever seriously considered buying new. I'm very conservative with my pocket book and only own offbrand/lolita-esque clothing, mostly elegant goth and fairy kei. Hence, me considering buying a massively priced item is a big deal. The looser looks are childlike and remind me of nightgowns, but in a good way--I think the empire waist and loose "bag" like JSK are graceful. I like this print far more than I did Dream Sky (which I didn't think was really possible) and found it instantly captivating. My favorite is the salopette, though.
    I feel the white and black are the best, the sax and pink seem a little out of place, put mildly. I've never been fond of navy but it fits the print well, in my opinion. The accessories are pretty lame, but the purse is darling.

    I'm rather surprised I'm the only person to really be in love with this series out of what I've seen, actually, but I tend to prefer less busy/flashy prints.

    1. I think for me, it was seeing pictures of models wearing the JSK from this series that put me off the baggy shape. I just prefer something with a tiny bit more shape to it! That is why I prefer the OP over the JSK.

      I am surprised that I didn't fall in love with this print myself, because this is normally my kind of thing. But if less people like a series you love, then at least you have a better chance of getting it! :D


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