Friday, 11 May 2012

Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island by AatP

Today I will be taking a look at the latest offering from Alice and the Pirates. This series is called Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island. It has 2 dresses, a skirt, a shirt, a head bow, socks, a bag and a necklace.

 This is the Arubida JSK. The bodice is really well fitted and has a good shape to it. The front has a ribbon corset, which is spaced out well and has a very tidy appearance. I like how the edges of the ribbon corset are disguised by rose lace, but the ribbon is threaded through the lace and I worry that the lace is not strong enough to support the ribbon. It is worth being cautious if you are close to the maximum measurements, because it would be horrible if the lace broke. The bow on the neckline is a bit floppy but I actually think it works better as a floppy bow. I don't think a more stiff, more shapely bow would suit the dress. I also really like the stripy material. It is a nice little extra hint at the nautical theme, but it is not too overpowering.
 However, I do think that the straps look a bit over-crowded. Personally, I would have just had the halter-neck straps and not bothered with a second set of outer straps. I also wonder if the straps look too over-crowded because you have two lots of the stripy material together. Maybe if the outer straps were solid coloured, it could have worked better?
 The neckline bow is detachable but I do feel that the dress looks strange with it detached. It looks a bit too plain and it feels as though something is missing.

The back has a panel of shirring, which has been concealed well by a ribbon corset. The waist ties are made from the stripy material, which helps to balance it out a bit more. The skirt has a pretty bell shape to it and it looks like it will hold a decent amount of petticoat. The skirt has a lot of gathering, which stops the material looking too flat, but it also conceals the print a little bit. But despite this, the skirt looks clutter-free because it doesn't have much detail. The bottom hem has more of the stripy material, which helps to balance it out.

This is the Mary JSK. I think that the bodice is laid out nicely and looks well fitted. The yoke part is made up with the stripy material which is used on the other JSK. I actually think that this looks better than just filling the yoke area with loads of lace, which is something I have seen done in the past. It makes it look tidier and not as fussy. There is a bit of lace used, mainly along the frill that runs along the edge of the yoke and continues upwards to become the strap. The lace here is very subtle though, and has an interesting shape to it. The bow on the neckline has a good shape to it and I think it is also a nice size. I think that because the bow is solid coloured, it gives a more mature and elegant feel. There is some good quality lace used along the neckline, which is mainly concealed by the bow, but it does help to make the edge look softer. I really love the crossing neck straps. The main set of straps are a good width too. I think the waist looks a bit plain and maybe a nice belt would work well. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed by a ribbon corset. The skirt has a nice bell shape to it, although I think the shape is nicer on the other JSK. The skirt has been kept plain and the print is displayed really well.

However, I really hate the bottom hem! I think the tassle style trim looks a bit silly. They are also very flat, which I think gives them a strange appearance.
Sadly, I have been having trouble locating a print close-up, so I had to use the skirt photo because it shows the print the best! This print is available in ivory, navy and black. Quite a small selection of colours there, but they all work well with the print. The print is absolutely gorgeous. I think my favourite part of the print is the map background because it is an interesting take on the pirate theme. I like the pictures of the pirates, decorated with ornate twirls and bows. The treasure chests look lovely too. I feel like every part of the print works well together. As for my favourite colour, I am having a hard time choosing between navy and ivory. Whilst I would normally go for navy, I feel the ivory fits the map theme in the print better. I also think that the details are clearer on the ivory colour.

I am a little surprised that there was only this one piece of jewellery on offer. Maybe more will come later. I think with this series, AatP could have had a lot of fun making interesting pieces of jewellery. However, the treasure box necklace is very beautiful. It even opens up, which I think is pretty neat. I wonder how good the clasp is? You could use it as a small container when you wear it!

When I saw the bag, it didn't come as a surprise! I knew they would release a treasure chest bag. But predictable is not always a bad thing. AatP have released some stunning bags in the past and this bag is beautiful. I predict that this bag will be a big seller.

So overall, I feel this is a very strong series with a lot of potential. I think it will be very appealing to Alice and the Pirates fans. I am debating whether to add this to my wishlist or not. It is very beautiful. I think the Arubida JSK is my favourite of the two dresses, and I would probably go outside of my usual comfort zone and get the ivory! I will be really shocked if the bag doesn't sell out quickly. The necklace is also pretty, but I wish there was more jewellery. I really hope this series is a success!


  1. the print and the bag are both beautiful (*.*)

    1. I agree! Someday I will own one of those treasure chest bags!

  2. WOW! I really like the bodice on the first one, so beautiful :D

    1. Yeah, I think that one looks more interesting! :D

  3. Love this! Love your blog!!!

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    1. Thank you! I will go and have a look at your blog :)


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