Monday, 14 May 2012

Milk's 5 Strap Sandals and My New Pastel Inspiration

You know, during the entire time I have written this blog I don't think I have ever mentioned Milk. I guess I always assumed that this brand was not my style. I think I have also resigned myself to the fact that Milk's prices are so steep that my chances of ever buying something from them is slim. But... I have gone and fallen in love with a pair of shoes by them!

This situation came about because I was looking up alternatives to the usual footwear you see with lolita. I am not saying that I dislike lolita shoes (in fact, I still find them as adorable as ever) but I just wanted to see what else was out there and possibly work these shoes in to an outfit. I did find some lovely shoes but then during a random search, I stumbled across these beauties-

With their wedge heels and open toes, they are very different to the shoes I am used to wearing, but I was drawn in by the pastel bows! Suddenly, I found myself googling Angelic Pretty dresses to wear with these and I did think of a couple that have the potential to work really well in an outfit. But sadly, it wasn't meant to be. These shoes cost 30,240yen! So I quickly had to give up on this dream. Then I wondered, could I possibly re-create this look? If I could just find a pair of suitable shoes, I could easily attach some pastel bows on to the front. And so, I am now on the lookout for some suitable shoes to give a Milk makeover!

Whilst I was visiting the Milk online store ( ) I had a bit of a look around and I also saw this cardigan-

This is their Honey Puffs cardigan. I would really like to make an outfit using this cardigan and Angelic Pretty's Sugar Hearts series. But again, I believe this cardigan could be replicated. Admittedly this may not look as good as the original, but it is worth a try.

So despite feeling a little miserable that I am not earning massive amounts of money, it is not all bad news. If nothing else, I think looking at the Milk website has at least given me some inspiration. There are some really cute pastel items on there. It has made me think 'outside the box' a little because I am looking at items I would have previously dismissed. I might not be getting those Milk shoes any time soon, but I have gained some new ideas.


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