Friday, 4 May 2012

Angelic Pretty Paris (Facebook Store) Review

So I recently did a review for the International AP Site, and today I will be focusing on the order I placed with the Paris Store. I noticed on Facebook that the Paris store had one of my wishlist items and so I went ahead and placed an order.

Ordering Process

I ordered via the Angelic Pretty Paris Facebook page. They have an online boutique on there. The shopping cart was easy to follow, although Facebook was being a pain, so I had to do 2 attempts to add my item to the cart. It was still relatively quick to order though. I paid with Paypal. I thought that we had paid with Eurors but it turned out Paypal sent over British Pounds. After a few days, we contacted AP Paris to ask if everything was okay and they explained that they had received the payment in pounds. So we had to be refunded and then we paid the invoice they sent us. This was our own fault for not realising Paypal hadn't sent the right currency, however, it was a little off-putting that AP Paris hadn't said anything to us until we had contacted them first. But luckily, they said that they had kept my item aside, which is very lucky because it was the only one left! It is worth mentioning though, that when they responded to me, they did so fairly quickly and in fluent English.

Shipping Process

I really hated this part! AP Paris used La Poste to send my item. I have never used La Poste before and I really hope I don't need to use it again for a while. For starters, I could only use the French version of their website because for some reason, the tracking didn't work on their English language version. I don't know if this was a website issue or an issue with my specific parcel. Oh well, that is what Google Translate is for! But what really concerned me is that La Poste's tracking did not provide a massive amount of information on my parcel and it was worded in such a way, that it was hard to tell where exactly the parcel was. In fact, I didn't know where my parcel was at all until my postman came knocking at my door with my package. This is a little unsettling, especially when you are not familiar with the shipping company.

My order was simply wrapped in an AP shopping bag with lots of parcel tape. As I said in my last AP review, their bags are quite strong, so I knew my item wouldn't have gotten damaged by the weather or anything like that. I did feel the insides moving about a little bit.

After I opened my parcel, I was greeted with this postcard. It turns out my order qualified as an entry in to their tea party raffle! Aww... they even dot their exclamation marks with hearts! I didn't know about this and it will be interesting to see if I get picked. If I do get picked, I promise I will get loads of photographs!

Despite moving around a bit inside, the item was wrapped securely in bubble wrap and the item was not damaged at all.

And here it is! My Sugar Hearts bracelet! I absolutely love it. The writing on the hearts is so clear. It feels quite strong, so I think it will be very durable.

I did quickly try it on. The clasp was a little fiddly because the chain holes are quite small. It is so cute in person. I adore it!

So whilst Angelic Pretty Paris were relatively helpful, I dislike the shipping service they use. Angelic Pretty Paris get a positive score from me, but La Poste definitely does not get my seal of approval. Would I order from Angelic Pretty Paris again? Well, as far as I am concerned, the Paris online store is right at the bottom of the AP food chain. I consider using AP Paris as a last resort and if this bracelet had been on the international site, I would have used them instead. That is not to say that I dislike the AP Paris store, but that I feel more comfortable with the international website. So yes, I would use AP Paris again but only if the item was not available elsewhere.


  1. I had the same issue when a girl shipped my Honeycake dress with la poste. La poste usually only keeps tracking in the country of origin, in our cases, france. So thats something to keep in mind. La Poste I found quite fast though, it only took a week. Love the bracelet!

    1. I could barely track it when it was still in France unfortunately :( But yes, in all fairness their shipping speed is reasonable!


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