Friday, 16 March 2012

Finally! Meta update their website!

I was talking with my husband recently about Metamorphose's international website and how annoying it can be (he works in I.T so we have these conversations a lot). The navigation is dreadful and we were laughing at how the website had not been changed for many years- apparently since 2004. I wasn't in to lolita then so I don't know how true that is. But if ever there was a brand website that needed changing, Meta would definitely take the prize.

So this morning I go on Meta's international website and I am greeted by this-

Yes, it would appear Meta have FINALLY changed their website! But is it any better? Yes, it is. It has all the categories the old international website had such as Go! Go! Lolita-chan running along the top, so they are very easy to get to. Upcoming reservations also have their own button, so they are quicker to find than they were before.

In addition to this, you can also access the shop quicker. The picture above is part of the left side menu. It makes it easier to find a specific series, but you can also choose a lolita style and a price range. Also included in this menu are the shop categories (such as dresses, accessories, etc) and their Japanese shop locations which open up a map if you click on a specific shop.

Meta also appear to be copying AP by having these buttons to find a series easier.

So I decided to try and see how easy the shop is to use by clicking a link to the dresses on the left menu.

Immediately, the dresses section opened up in a new tab. Because I clicked on the specific dress tag, only the dresses showed up. On the left I saw options for dress colour and price. But what if I now wanted to browse a different category?

I didn't initially see it, but at the top, there is a bit that says about 'selected tags'. It was set out like this-

Keyword:  -   (Reset)
Selected tags : EnglishReset) > DressesReset

So if I wanted to browse something different, I would have to click the reset button after where it says dresses. By doing that, it took me to the shop home and I was able to see every item again, not just the dresses. Whenever you click on an item, it will open in a new tab.

Keeping track of all these tabs opening up might be a pain but the new Meta website is definitely easier to use when compared to the old website. The website content is displayed a lot better and you can find what you are looking for quicker. It is also better for when you are looking for a specific item relating to a series. As you can see, although I browsed the shop I didn't attempt to use the shopping cart this time but I imagine it will be similar to how it used to be. After going on the Japanese website, it would appear that both are now in the same style as each other, which makes it more consistent.

So, I think this is a huge improvement. Well done Meta! Next time, please don't wait another 8 years before doing any more improvements!

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