Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Crowns by Suppurate System- Want!

It took me 3 attempts to spell Suppurate correctly for the post title...

Have you ever seen a brand name thrown about but not really bothered to have a good thorough look? For me, Suppurate System is one of those brands. I rarely wear gothic (and even then it is probably not standard gothic lolita) so I have always overlooked this shop, thinking that I probably wouldn't find anything...

How wrong I was! I saw this crown being sold on the EGL comm and I decided to have a nose on the Suppurate System website for the very first time. I was greeted by loads of not just gothic items, but decadent gothic items! And as the word decadent suggests, the prices are a bit steep too. However, I can't help but love the crowns. The one pictured above is one of their decadent crowns. I guess the reason it appeals is because it has a very rustic look. The crowns I normally see are more polished but these crowns have a distressed and dark look to them. I like the idea of a "battered princess" or a more disturbed take on the princess style. Ever since I went on the Suppurate System website, I have been daydreaming about being a gothic princess. I am never going to overlook a shop ever again! I wonder what other delights I have been missing?

It is unlikely I will buy a Suppurate System crown because I cannot justify the price. However, looking at the designs, it makes me wonder if I would be able to make one myself. Because most of the crowns look a bit rustic, it wouldn't matter if it wasn't 100% perfect, as that would probably add to the design. I have spent a bit of time staring at these crown pictures wondering how it is done. I think I have figured out how to do the barbed wire and making the leather look distressed would be easy. So maybe I will give it a go.

Here are some other items I liked-

I know this is meant to be an eye patch but I would definitely use it as a hair accessory too!

Crosses tend to be a bit overdone with gothic style, but this wooden cross necklace appealed to me.

I love the idea of the rose being caged in this necklace. It conjures up a lot of images for me.

More crowns! This time the crown is on a ring. It has lots of detailing to it.

So I had a lot of interesting gothic ideas after visiting the Suppurate System website. If you would like to see more Suppurate System products, their shop is here-


  1. The crown rings are awesome ! But I think they are very expensive ! (well... much too expensive for me n_n")

    1. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't pay those prices for a ring! I just can't help spending ages staring at all the pretty things!

  2. If you check out Topshop

    They have a crown headpiece which is slightly more affordable?.

    Anyway the site looks really great! The rotten apple necklace are awesome!

    1. Cool! I am looking out for crown accessories for my new dress (when it finally gets here!) so I will have to check Topshop out when I get the chance. Thanks for the suggestion :)

      I love the rotten apple necklaces! So much want!


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