Friday, 23 March 2012

Cute little Bodyline accessories

Bodyline are doing a large small accessory update at the moment. There are already a load of new fake nails up (although I don't actually know anybody who has used them before) and now there are lots of new hair bits and jewellery up. A lot of the items are your standard sort of Bodyline items. I did pick a few items out though.

I have a real thing for roses. This sort of design is nothing new for Bodyline but in my opinion, it looks better than their similar older stuff. When I hosted the Feb Ox meet I got a few accessories from Bodyline and one of them was a rose clip. I thought that clip looked prettier in real life than it did on the website. I am hoping this is going to be the same.

I did consider teaming it with this skirt I already have from Bodyline (I have the black version). I don't actually have any hair accessories for this skirt as of yet because the matching head bow released was atrocious. The trouble is, the pinky looking one I was considering is in fact orange!

I like this cameo brooch. It would have been really cool if it had a 2-way clip on the back (like Chocomint do) so you can wear it more ways. However, there is enough room to glue your own clip on.

Another VW replica! There is nothing new about this design at all. You get a load of these VW replicas around Camden in London but this Bodyline version is cheaper... a LOT cheaper! Maybe one day I will save up for real Westwood, but until then at least I know there are options.

So these small little extras may end up in my next Bodyline order. They are not that new or exciting but the main point here is the cheaper price. My current favourite is the rose hair band!

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