Monday, 19 September 2011

Reading Lolita Meet!

It feels like my last lolita meet was ages ago now (I have missed 2 Oxford meets in a row) so it felt good to be able to attend a meet in Reading. It was a lovely change to go somewhere different. We all brought some food along so we could have a picnic in the Forbury Gardens. I have never been to these gardens before so I had no idea how beautiful the gardens were. We managed to set up the picnic underneath a bandstand so we avoided the worst of the rain. And then it started raining sideways so we did get a little damp!

Monika brought macarons and cupcakes from Waitrose! Recently, I was told that Waitrose (a UK supermarket) were selling macarons but when I got my husband to look in our local branch we couldn't find them! So well done to Mo for tracking some down. I would like to make a public plea to all my UK readers- please go to Waitrose and buy macarons and if you can't find them, ask them to get them in! If they become popular enough, Waitrose might get the hint and put more in their stores. Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to buy macarons so easily?

They come in a pink box with black swirls on it and have Maison Blanc written on the box. I had a raspberry one which tasted yummy. I was expecting pre-packaged macarons to not taste that good but I was pleasantly surprised. I think fresh will always be best but I would highly recommend these Waitrose ones. All this macaron talk in making me hungry!

This is the Waitrose cupcake I had. It tasted like a small piece of strawberry heaven....

Here is a group shot of us! From left to right we have Raine in Angelic Pretty, Michelle in Angelic Pretty, Shalisa (the lovely host!) in Angelic pretty, Kyra in Alice and the Pirates, Helen in BABY and me in Bodyline.

Mo left before we took the group shots but I hope she doesn't mind me putting up this solo photo! She is wearing Kids Yoyo. This dress is beautiful and Mo was so well co-ordinated!

I finally got to wear my Bodyline cosmetic print dress that James kindly got me for my birthday. I changed my mind about my outfit several times because I desperately want to wear Meta's Fairy Tale to a meet but in the end, I wanted something which I knew would be easy to wear to a picnic (except for my shoes!). The dress and bolero are Bodyline and I was using the matching bag (not in the photo). The rest is off-brand.

Michelle said I looked cute in this photo! It shows off my favourite ring nicely. I always seem to wear that peach coloured cake ring.

Afterwards Michelle, Kyra, Helen, my husband James and I went to the Purple Turtle. I have wanted to go to the Purple Turtle for many years and I was not disappointed!

It was great to get the chance to meet Shalisa properly. I think there should be another Reading meet sometime. It was also lovely to meet Mo, Kyra and Helen for the first time. I have been saying for over a year that I would start attending Tea Party Club and London lolita meets and then I never got around to it! I have only ever spoken to a few of the London lolitas online until Saturday. Well if the rest of you are as lovely as the people I have met, then I now know that the London lolitas are amazing people and I am determined to make more of an effort in the next year. I look forward to meeting you all! Hopefully it will be soon.


  1. Awh I meant to go to this meet but I forgot about it and couldn't go Dx

    I love your dress! It looks super I want one too hehe.

  2. That's a shame. Maybe there will be another meet in Reading :)

    Thank you <3

  3. You really look super-cute! I like dark-blue dresses very much! *.*
    And the cupcake looks sooo delicious! I want to have a shop nearby where you can buy them, too! >.<

  4. Lo0ve your coord! That printo looks great in navy..... and what´s the "Purple Turtle"? A restaurant?

  5. Thank you for the lovely comments!

    Laia- The Purple Turtle is a bar :)

  6. What a beautiful coordinate!

    I wish there was macaroons where I lived >_< all we have are the coconut ones!

  7. Thank you! I am obsessed with macarons now <3

  8. Thank you so much for coming! I'm glad you had a good time, I was so worried about the rain ruining the fun! XD
    I hope we can meet again soon-- preferably when I don't have to leave early so I can go to the Purple Turtle as well haha! <3

  9. And thank you Shalisa, for being a brilliant host! I had a great time :D

  10. Looks like you girls had fun! I was meant to go to this meet but had to work.. :(
    You looked really nice by the way, the colour of the dress is so pretty~

    I just bought some macarons from waitrose! They're actually pretty good.. that's for the heads up!^_^

  11. Sorry typo! *Thanks* for the heads up! >_<

  12. Yay! Well done for buying the macarons reinaroo! It is a shame you couldn't come. Maybe next time :)


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