Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bodyline order review September 2011

My latest Bodyline order has arrived so it is time for another Bodyline review!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the quality of the photos. I only have a cheap camera and the lighting was a bit dodgy. It was very difficult to photograph the details.

I got these during the Mr Yan Birthday Sale. I think this time around I was VERY lucky. I was browsing the site at the exact moment the sale started on the international site so I got there before the rush. The site at this point was incredibly fast (a lot faster than Bodyline usually is) and I managed to place my order with no problems at all. It is also worth noting how quickly Bodyline and EMS got their order to me. I ordered this stuff on Friday and it arrived yesterday (Tuesday). I was convinced I would get hit by customs again but I was very lucky and I had no charges at all.

This is the EMS bag is came in.

Am I the only person who bothers with parcel tape anymore? Before I even opened the package, there were massive holes in the packaging. As you can see, I could easily see the red Bodyline bags inside. This is not exactly secure! Can you imagine what would have happened if the package was dumped in a depot for days or if it had been raining and water got inside? This is one of the many reasons why I miss using DHL.

And now, on to the actual items. I just got 2 items this time and both of them are basics my wardrobe desperately needed.

This is skirt L377 in black. It fits really well. The elastic is not too tight so the skirt is comfortable to wear. I would say that the measurements given on Bodyline's website are correct. I am below the maximum measurement but I could tell there was a bit of extra room. The skirt ends just above my knee. The skirt can flare out a lot. The material on this skirt is surprisingly heavy when worn and it felt heavier worn than when I initially took it out the bag. To fully puff out the skirt, I would say you need a decent petticoat.

This skirt has a front ruffle which I have tried my best to photograph. It is prettier in person. The lace was better than I was expecting and I love the layering. I was a little worried the material would be shiny because this skirt has a matching dress which is shiny. But the skirt is not shiny and I am very happy about that. There were a few small loose threads but nothing major.

However, I do dislike the waist ties and the detachable bow. They have an odd texture to them. I also didn't realise they had polka dots on them. I probably wont be using the ties.

I also got blouse L382 in black. I chose the size above my usual size because I have wide shoulders for somebody of my height and size. It was a good thing I did because although I would have fitted the next smallest size, I found the fit on this size to be comfortable. The lace is pretty and I really like the rose shaped buttons on the front and on the sleeves. My main concern is that the blouse feels a bit thin and feels a little fragile. I will be washing this by hand as I don't want to risk ruining it in the washing machine.

This is the yoke part on the front. Personally, I would happily get rid of the bows but I really do like the design on this blouse. I think Bodyline's blouses have improved recently.

And that was all I got this time. I was hoping to get some boots I wanted too but they were not included in the sale. I think that given the higher prices, the sale was nowhere near as good this year. I have noticed that I don't make as many Bodyline orders as I used to but I still like to buy from Bodyline from time to time and I would still recommend them.

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