Friday, 2 September 2011

Bodyline- Half Price Sale?

Bodyline fans will be pleased to hear that Mr Yan's birthday 50% off sale has just started. It was on the Japanese website yesterday and has literally just started on the international website.

BUT here is the catch... I was on the Bodyline website yesterday and earlier today before the sale started. A majority of the items have NOT been reduced by 50% like Bodyline are claiming. In fact, some of the prices have fallen by only a small amount. Also, not everything is included in the sale. The sock prices have not dipped and a lot of the wigs etc are the same price too. Don't be fooled by the 50% off banner.

I just placed a mini order (it was a lot quicker than last year but I was on the website at the exact moment the sale started so I got there before the rush). Now before anybody mentions the post I made about money last week, you will be pleased to hear that I only ordered 2 items from the Need side of my Want Vs. Need list! I am still intending to save all my spare money to treat myself at the end of the year as planned. I just thought I should try and get a bargain.

Sadly, the prices are nowhere near as good as some people may be expecting.


  1. :) Yeah, Bodyline is like other stores in that-- "50% sale" really means "some of our items are UP TO 50%off and really barely any of them". :/ A shame.

    So, what did you buy? ^_^

  2. The sale was a lot better last year despite waiting 24 hours to pay that time. I am not that surprised!

    I got a black blouse and a black skirt. I have been desperately needing a black blouse for ages now! I will probably use the skirt as an underskirt or for a simple black outfit. I already have a few ideas.

  3. I had planned to order a big purchase from bodyline this autumn, but now I don't have the money for all of it since they prices suddenly became pretty high :S

  4. I also recognized that, and I also recognized, that the price got a lot higher, that's so sad, I don't want to wait until they are lower again, why can't the sale contain the shoes I want to buy! >o<

  5. I had the same problem. I really want their boots with the roses on them but they are still at normal price. If they were included in the sale I would have snapped them up straight away.


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