Monday, 30 October 2017

Zodiac Lolita- the Earth Signs

Today I am back with another zodiac lolita post! This time I will be focusing on the Earth signs. So let's see what I can come up with today.


Traditional would be a good word to describe Capricorn. They choose to follow all the established rules to the letter. Capricorns like attention but tend to stay away from flashy fashions. So a Capricorn is more likely to go for understated elegance. Capricorns are the most likely to be in to old-school lolita and white/pale pink seemed a good colour choice for this sign. Capricorns desire quality and see brand names as status symbols. However, they are unlikely to go for head-to-toe brand and will choose some good quality off-brand to go with their brand. Capricorns are massive bag fans, and their bags tend to be big status symbols. They would probably go for well-known bags, such as the Milk heart bag (Yes, I know I used a replica in the collage, but I couldn't find a decent picture of the Milk one at the time). 


Taurus tends to be lazy and relaxed. They are all about being pretty, but also comfortable. They are likely to go for pieces that are soft and are pleasing to touch. Chiffon seemed a good choice for this Taurus lolita outfit. Taurus is quite nostalgic and tends to favour styles that made them feel comfortable in the past. So they will usually try to build upon the already discovered. Perhaps they have favourite pieces that appear frequently in their outfits. Taureans prefer a softer colour palette, so I went for a sage green and ivory colour scheme. The part of the body that Taurus represents is the neck, so I chose a blouse with an interesting neckline. Scarves and neck ties are also good choices for the Taurus lolita.


Observant, reliable and precise are good words to describe Virgo. The Virgo lolita needs to be neat, polished and perfectly "put together". Virgo loves brand, but don't feel the need to plaster themselves with brand logos. They choose pieces where the good quality does the talking. They like tradition, so like pieces that they know are going to last. Virgos pick timeless over trends. They don't need to go too OTT to be noticed. I would say Virgo is definitely likely to go for classic and Innocent World seems a good choice. Virgo is the most likely to choose deep browns and prefer ivory over pure white.

It will be interesting to see what people think of my Earth sign outfits. I already know one or two lolitas who are not going to agree with my choices for their signs! But this is all meant to be a bit of fun. I tried to base it on typical zodiac personalities rather than actual lolitas I know anyway!


  1. As a Capricorn, I've found that all the Capricorns I know are different from each other, ranging from control freaks to very chill, traditional to modern, wanting to be practical and wanting to be flashy. While I wouldn't go for the coord you've put together for a Capricorn (of the three Taurus' appeals to me most), I agree with many things you've said about Capricorn Lolitas. I do find myself desiring quality and thinking of brand pieces as a mark of status, but if an offbrand/Boyline/Taobao piece is quality, I'm happy to get that. I do like Lolita bags, although maybe not quite to the point of them being a status symbol for me (that title goes to my 3F bonnet :P). What I'd add based on my observations is that what all the Capricorns I know have in common is that they firmly stick to what they believe in, even at the cost of less smooth interpersonal relationships. As far as Lolita fashion is concerned, this means that they will always do the right thing, whether it means volunteering at an event, helping support a Lolita publication, buy from small indie sellers or support brands directly when possible. Because if Lolita fashion is important to you, then a Capricorn will strongly believe in the importance of supporting the artists (brand, indie or any other) and keeping the fashion going both through the media they consume and through their actions at meets or events. I know this doesn't really translate well onto an outfit, but to me it's an important part of being a Capricorn.

    1. 3F bonnets are amazing, so I can totally understand that! That is a really important and interesting point that you have added about Capricorns, especially in a lolita context. It would have been difficult to get that across in an outfit collage, but I do appreciate what you have said!


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