Thursday, 17 August 2017

Recent Outfits Summer 2017

Life has been a bit hectic as of late, but it hasn't stopped me from dressing up from time to time. So I thought I would share my most recent looks with you all today. I didn't bother to include my birthday outfit, seeing as that was already featured in a post. But here are the outfits I have not posted on here yet.

First is a little casual affair with my Bodyline Rose Bouquet skirt. I really desperately felt like dressing up. The only trouble is, it was really humid for a long time here in the UK. So I am aware that my hair looks very plain here, but curls would not have lasted in this heat and it was too hot to wear a wig! You can't really see it that well, but I attached some rose clips to the blouse to make sure that the colours were a bit more evenly distributed. 

Then I finally got around to wearing my beloved Moon Cat set by Metamorphose. I wore this intending it to just be a casual street fashion look, rather than lolita. If you are wondering how I am keeping my RHS straps up, the secret is a pair of fishnet tights layered over the top of my normal tights (top tip!). The only thing I would potentially change is adding a red bow to the beret. I feel the hair accessories are a bit lacking here. But like I said, this was only intended to be a casual outfit anyway.

Next is... a happy accident. I am currently attempting to slowly downsize and I was sorting through piles of clothes that I wanted to get rid of. This floral Bodyline dress just happened to be sat on a pile on top of the purple blouse. I thought they looked really great together, and so this outfit was born! I am not really sure what I was going for here... girly style larme? Otome maybe? I chose the sheer polka dot socks because they matched the dot details on the dress bodice. The purple shoes were to balance out the purple blouse. I also used the Whale Fall bag I got off Taobao recently. I can confirm it is very roomy and so far it has been holding up well. Whatever this outfit is (I am not too fussed about labeling it) it is one that I really enjoyed wearing. I am still intending to sell the dress though!

I got the chance to see some of my friends and decided to try out some larme kei. I think my make up is just about visible. The sunshine made it difficult to photograph, but the under eye blush and nude eye shadow is there! I wore the H&M skirt with one of the lace tops from my recent Aliexpress order. Although I am still not 100% sure which direction I want to go in with larme kei, I am really pleased with how this outfit came together. So maybe this is the sort of larme style I am going to be aiming for in the future. I got a lot of positive feedback for this outfit, which was really encouraging.

And just when I go casual and tone things down, I then go all sugary sweet again! I wanted to wear some 2012 era sweet lolita, so that is exactly what I did! It had been a while since I last wore Sugary Carnival and it seemed like the perfect dress to suit my whims, seeing as it was released around that sort of time. The Shadow Carnival tights worked just as I had expected them to. I had forgotten how badly the applique on the tights stinks of cheap plastic though! Recently I have fallen back in love with this AP biscuit bag, so I was happy that it matched the theme of this outfit. It is an item that doesn't match that much of my wardrobe, but I can't bear to part with it. It is also a good size, perfect for when I am going on one of my cake eating adventures.

Here is an accessory close up. I was having mixed feelings about wearing this necklace. Sugary Carnival does have a tiny bit of yellow on it and there are stars in the print as well. I was worried it looked a little out of place next to all the sweet themed items though and wondered if the candy themed necklace I also had picked out would have been better. Still, I don't think this is the worst decision I have ever made outfit-wise. At least I had put some thought in to it.

And that brings us up to mid August (how is it mid August already!? It is almost time for the annual Tea Party Club event). Considering how unpredictable the weather has been and how busy I have been, I have managed to pack a fair few outfits in! So hopefully there will be many more outfits to share with you all soon!


  1. I've never seen that floral Bodyline JSK, that looks so pretty! Reminds me of some Innocent World designs. I think the Moon Cat and Sugary Carnival outfits are my favourite in this selection, although they're all great.
    Are you set on what to wear to the TPC anniversary yet? I'll try to say hello, but I know how different people can look when in their full Lolita event outfit glory (or just behind a group of OTT Sweet Lolitas with very tall headdresses and hair :P).

    1. I brought that floral dress last year for a wedding because I didn't have any smart non-lolita dresses! It is simple, but it did the job! I am having second thoughts about selling it, but sadly I need the space... Thank you! I am a big fan of Moon Cat!

      Yes! My DMC outfit is all prepared, although I am only going to the Sunday tea party this year. I have some other commitments on the Saturday unfortunately. But I was determined I was still going to see Maki and Asuka!

  2. Loving all these outfits, so pretty :)


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