Monday, 3 July 2017

Magical Popping Fantasy by Alice and the Pirates

Today I am looking at Magical Popping Fantasy by Alice and the Pirates. This series includes 3 dresses, a skirt, 3 hair accessories, a necklace and a blouse.

First is JSK I. The bodice looks fairly well fitted and the bodice shape is simple, but lovely. I think the straps look a reasonable width. They are lined neatly with lace on the outsides which stops them from looking too plain. There is a waist bow, which is a good size. It doesn't look too big or too small. It looks a lovely shape and sits well on the dress. I was initially skeptical of the use of the stripy fabric in the print being used for the bow, but I now think it helps to balance out the stripes throughout the dress. However, if you are not a fan, it is detachable. The bodice features a line of buttons with a ruffle on either side, before meeting a slightly raised chest panel. Despite the button design being very simple, it works well. The buttons are well spaced out and the ruffles really help to stop the bodice from looking too flat and lifeless. I think the only thing I would have liked to have seen is some thin lines of lace going up the sides of the bodice, just to help break up this empty area a bit more. The chest panel features a scalloped edge, which has been well shaped. This panel also features the stripy part of the print, which is good continuity. There is also a bold line of trim and a small bow on the panel, which makes it look a bit more interesting. I like that matte choices have been used for both these details. The back has a panel of shirring, which is topped neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show that the skirt is full with a decent amount of flare. There is the potential to create a wonderful shape. The skirt is kept simple in design, so the print is displayed perfectly. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a thin line of lace, which matches the lace used on the straps.

Here we have JSK II. The bodice looks very well fitted, but I feel a bit unsure about the overall bodice shape. It generally looks okay, but I thought the neckline looked a bit low down? But it looks fine in the photos of this dress worn by a model. The straps are a suitable width. I love how the straps are lined with a layer of lace on top, which has ribbon threaded through it and the further ruffle of lace on the outsides of the straps. The final effect is really stunning but it doesn't look too OTT. The lace is of a good quality as well. There is a yoke on the bodice, which appears to be layered. Underneath there is lace and on top there is chiffon. I really want to like these details, but there is something about it which doesn't quite look right to me. I think it might be the way the chiffon has been gathered and sits on the dress. There is also a line of ribbon and a bow on top, which unfortunately uses very shiny ribbon. I feel this cheapens the design. It is a shame, because the bow is a really nice shape. The back is fully shirred, which means lots of size flexibility but also that the unattractive shirring is very exposed. The stock photos show that the skirt is very full and it flares outwards loads. I really love the shape created in the stock photos and have high hopes. The skirt is kept simple again, so the print is displayed beautifully. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of lovely rose themed lace.

This is the OP. The bodice looks decently well fitted and the shape is lovely. I really like the chiffon sleeves and the matching yoke. It makes this OP look like a JSK with a blouse! The sleeves look a long, generous length. I really like the cuffs, which feature some threaded ribbon and pretty lace. It looks really smart. There is something I find a bit odd about the bodice. It is basically broken up in to 2 parts, which the top part being slightly gathered. This gives the illusion of a corseted high-waist skirt and there is an obvious divide between the 2 halves. There are several lines of lace going up the bodice, which end at this join. To top things off, there is a stripy bow on top of the area where the bodice is divided. The bow itself is really pretty with a quirky design. The tails have been folded for extra depth and movement. I like the pearls dotted on the bow too. But overall, I feel this divide in the bodice looks a bit mis-proportioned and the placement of the bow emphasizes this. The yoke on the top half of the bodice is lined beautifully with lace, which sits really well on the dress. There is also a line of floral themed buttons, which contributes to that 'blouse layered under a JSK' look. I am not a fan of the collar though. Although the collar design is pretty, I think it is a bit too bulky and the lacy ruffles need to be reined in a bit. The back offers no shirring, so size flexibility is very limited. The stock photos show that the skirt is plump with volume and it flares outwards generously. It should hold a great amount of petticoat. The skirt is again kept simple, so the print is displayed fantastically. The bottom hem is then finished off neatly with a line of good quality lace.

Finally, here we can see a bit of the print. this series comes in ivory, bright green, navy and black. I think all 4 colours look fantastic, but in my opinion the bright green version is the stand-out colour. All the colours work so well together on the bright green version and I think it is stunning. As for the print itself, I am liking this mature take on the carousel print. It is a bit more toned down in comparison to the OTT sweet Angelic Pretty carousel prints and a lot less crowded. Although the horses appear to be floating in mid air, I think AatP get away with it. It just seems to add to the magical feel of the print. There is a Mary Poppins theme to this print, which is evidenced from the items floating around the horses such as her bag and the flying kites. The Mary Poppins theme is not overwhelming though, so it is possible to enjoy the print even if you don't like Mary Poppins. That bird in the print looks a bit more exotic than the pigeons in the film though! I really like how the birds are helping to hold up the drapes and the use of bows. There is a subtle nod to London with the skyline in the background as well. The only thing I am a bit unsure of is the stripy part of the print, but it has grown on me.

So overall I actually think this is a very promising series. The print is lovely. There are a few small changes I think I would make to each dress design, but it is a really strong offering. Would I buy this series? Possibly. It is certainly one of my favourite AatP prints in a long time. My top choice would be JSK II in bright green. Despite being a bit unsure of some of the bodice details on that dress, I still find it the most appealing. 

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