Thursday, 4 May 2017

Milk Ribbon Review- Positive

I thought today I would take you through a review of an indie accessory maker called Milk Ribbon. If you went to Omnia Vanitas, chances are you probably saw somebody wearing their popular 'Misako' design! Thinking the designs looked really cute and fun, I decided to place an order. You can find Milk Ribbon's big cartel here.

Ordering Process

Their Big Cartel page was very easy to use. The images were big, so it was easy to locate the items that I needed very quickly. Ordering was very fast and I had no issues at all. I was able to use Paypal, which was convenient.


I didn't really need to communicate with the seller but when it came to updating my shipping information, they did so very quickly. They are also quite responsive on their Facebook page. So whilst I can't comment too much on their communication, I do get the impression that they are quite easy to get hold of.


Shipping was flat rate, so it was the same no matter how much I ordered. I ended up buying 3 brooches to make the shipping price more worth it, but the shipping charge was reasonably small anyway. The package was sent via Deutsche Post and although I was given a tracking number, it did not work when the package left Germany. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait too long to get my package. It was posted on a Thursday and it arrived on Saturday. 

The box my order was sent in was very sturdy and a bit of effort had been put in to tape it up properly. My only slight criticism is that there was nothing padding the brooches, so there was a lot of room for my brooches to move about inside the box. However, wood is not that fragile, so my brooches arrived safely anyway.

Inside my brooches were wrapped in plastic with a nice little Thank You sticker. I thought that was sweet.

And here are the brooches I got! I had a really tough time deciding which Misako brooches I wanted. I liked all 3 colours, but in the end I decided the pink was not quite the right shade for my wardrobe and went for ivory and black ones. I had to add the robin brooch to my wardrobe. Even though it doesn't match a single thing I own, I think it is adorable!

The design on the brooches is very crisp and the text is easy to read. I really like the use of colour on the brooches too. I think it really adds something to the design. The brooches are of a generous size too. The edges are neat with no rough patches.

There were a few strands of glue that I spotted, but they were easy to pull off. The backs feature a simple badge pin. I like that the wood is of a generous thickness too. I wasn't quite sure how to photograph that, but they are pretty thick!

These 3 brooches with shipping ended up costing nearly £50. I suppose for an indie brand this is a reasonable price. I can't help but compare them to similar wooden brooches I have gotten off Taobao for a lot cheaper though! But looking at my Taobao ones, I can see that the colour on the Milk Ribbon ones are a lot more vibrant and the designs have much clearer details to them. So I would not say that the price put me off buying from Milk Ribbon, but it might be worth trying to see them at a convention so you at least save the shipping cost (even if it is only a little dearer getting it shipped). You may pay more, but you are getting something of a better quality. Overall I am very pleased with my brooches. They turned out exactly how I expected them to. So I would recommend Milk Ribbon and would consider ordering from them again in the future.

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