Thursday, 17 November 2016

Latest Haul- Late October Edition

I haven't really been buying that much the past month or so (some of these purchases were actually made before October but due to circumstances I have only recently obtained) but I managed to get a few pieces, including something which I am absolutely ecstatic to finally cross of my wishlist.

Not long after finding the Little Bird's Symphonia skirt, I managed to find the matching ivory socks. Sadly it wasn't on the same second hand site, otherwise I could have saved on the shipping! I got the socks from Lolita Desu and they very kindly chucked in a small handful of Halloween marshmallows, shaped like ghosts. I am absolutely amazed at the condition these socks are in.They can't have been worn that much. I am also pleased to say I detected the faint smell of washing detergent, so I am satisfied that they have been cleaned well.

Here is a little close up of the bird cages on the socks. Given how many bird themed items I now own, I reckon I will get a decent amount of use out of these socks. The brand name writing is really clear and easy to read in person and the AP logo on the sole was also still in perfect condition.

But what has really got me excited is I have finally obtained Moon Cat by Metamorphose! I only really wanted the hoody, but the seller was selling the hoody and skirt as a set, and I may as well talk about the skirt a bit too. It has got an interesting asymmetrical design and comes with a small detachable bow. I admit I didn't hold up much hope for the skirt, but it is actually a lot cuter than I was expecting. I found the skirt fitted comfortably, although the shirring was a bit on the stiff side. I am glad I am not big enough to stretch it to the maximum, as I feel that would be too uncomfortable.

The cute moon cat applique! I love how crisp the design is. And after all these years, both the skirt and hoody are in fantastic condition still.

The ruffles are really cute and nicely finished off. I love how neat and tidy the finish is.

Here is something that really made me laugh- there is a butt pocket! I suppose with the way the skirt is designed, it wasn't really possible to put a pocket by the side. I was just amazed that there were any pockets at all. I don't usually like pockets at the back though, so I highly doubt I will be using it. At least it is there as an option.

And finally, the matching hoody! I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I have wanted this hoody for many years. Angelic Pretty put out a similar design, but Meta's Moon Cat has always been my ultimate goal. This has been on my wishlist almost since I first got in to lolita. As far as thickness goes, it is quite a thin hoody. It is definitely more suited to Spring/Summer than this time of year. When I was checking the measurements I thought they sounded a bit small, but after getting it I can confirm that it is quite small in size with only a small amount of stretch. I am so glad I have a small bust!

There is that Moon Cat that I fell in love with once again! Please excuse my blurry photo, the design does look clearer in person.

This is what the back design looks like. 

And here is a worn photo. As you can see, this is definitely more casual wear. I intended to get the hoody for my everyday wardrobe anyway and I am looking forward to getting Winter out of the way so I can wear it more. I am very pleased that the hoody does reach the whole of my torso. I have found with my Angelic Pretty hoodies that they are not quite long enough in length, but this Meta one is fine. As for the skirt, I am pleased it is long enough to cover all the essential areas. I am very torn about using a small petticoat with it though. I feel a petticoat may help make the ruffles look a bit perkier, but I am worried it would then be too short at the back. But seeing as I only wanted the hoody anyway, I think the skirt was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting it to be too short on me, even without a petticoat. 

So the skirt was better than expected and I am pleased to say that the hoody totally lived up to my dreams. Outside of dresses, this hoody was by far my biggest dream item. It has taken 7 years, but it is finally mine. Maybe I will keep an eye out and see if I can obtain the hoody in black someday. And I am very pleased I was able to get the socks as well. I think in the run-up to Christmas I probably wont be looking out for potential buys as much, but I have done very well shopping-wise lately. I am curious to know if there are any long-term lolitas reading this who have waited years to find a dream item. What is the longest you have taken to track an item down? As I started wearing lolita mid-2009, 7 years is the longest I have gone so far. Can anybody reading this beat that, I wonder?


  1. Moon cat is really cute. How can I miss not to see such a lovely design. But lately meta has grown a lot for me. I think I am dissapointed of most larger brands, while then it is Meta making a odd choice, it is just Meta being Meta.

    1. Thank you. Meta has always had this sort of quirky charm about it. I think that is why it has consistently been one of my favourite brands.

  2. Good for you obtaining a long-time dream item!

    Meta's Flower Print High Collar Pintuck OP ( ) has been my ultimate dream dress since 2006, so, ten years. I recently found it on Yahoo Japan but the seller refuses to deal with shopping services. I was devastated! But I still hope to get it someday, somehow...

    1. Thank you! It is a shame that seller wont accept shopping service bids. That happened to me once and I remember feeling very frustrated, as it was quite a rare item! Maybe it would be worth trying a different shopping service? I don't know how well known some of the shopping service's user IDs are, but I know some of their IDs make it blatantly obvious they are a shopping service.


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