Thursday, 1 September 2016

Wardrobe Supporting Acts

Recently I have been going through some of the old blog posts on some lolita blogs, as I do from time to time, and there was something I noticed. There are lots of posts about what lolitas feel are important clothing items that every lolita should have, but nothing about the items behind the scenes. I am on about the items that help support your wardrobe and help you maintain a happy wardrobe environment. Chances are, you probably already have some, or almost all of the items on this list. But I feel it is still important to document these wardrobe saviours, as they are the things that you maybe don't think about or perhaps are an after-thought. So here are my favourite wardrobe supporters!

A Nude/skin tone strapless bra- Colours like white can seem fine for underwear, until somebody takes a photo of you using flash, and your bra is suddenly visible for all to see. The best way to avoid this embarrassment (which it pains me to admit, I have experienced firsthand) is to get a bra which matches your skin tone. I found a really nice light nude bra which I am pleased to say has never shown up in a single photograph! It is also a good idea to consider a strapless option, as sheer and chiffon bodice details have become more popular in lolita recently.

A camisole, with a lovely design- On a similar note, if you are a lover of chiffon blouses and decide to team that blouse with a skirt instead of underneath a JSK, then it is a good idea to get a camisole with a nice design, seeing as it will be on display.

Sweat pads- These are pads that you stick to the inside of the armpits of a dress or blouse to stop sweat and deodorant from transferring on to your clothing. These are hardly a vital item, but if you are prone to sweating or are the sort of person who is always finding marks on their clothing, then they may be worth a go. I have also heard of people cutting up panty liners as a cheaper alternative (the thin pads, not the thicker ones) and that they do a similar job. I have to admit that I am yet to be convinced by sweat pads, but at least they are there as an option. It is also worth mentioning that these are not a substitute for washing!

Moisture traps- I remember when I first moved out of my mum's house and I experienced damp for the first time. I lost some stuff after a cold, but relatively average UK Winter because of the high level of moisture in our place. That Winter taught me a very valuable lesson about ventilation and moisture. We cleaned up, painted our place with anti-mould paint and made the vents in our place bigger. Another change we made was the addition of moisture traps. They typically have a chamber that the water collects in at the bottom and you put these crystals in the top, which typically get changed every 6-8 weeks (depending on the time of year). I don't keep a moisture trap in my actual wardrobe, but there is one in the room close by, just to keep the moisture levels under control. Thankfully, none of my lolita wardrobe has ever been damaged.

Lint roller- Perfect for dusting down your clothing when you need a quick fix, rather than washing something. That's pretty much it!

Drawer dividers- This is another item that maybe isn't vital, but it is amazing how much drawer dividers can make a difference. By having your accessories organised neatly, it is easier to find what you are needing with just a quick glance (good if you are having a last-minute outfit change and time is short). Also, drawer dividers mean you are more likely to remember those accessories which tend to get lost at the back of a drawer and forgotten about. An organised drawer is also very pleasing on the eye!

A steamer- Or at the very least, a good rack that you can put your clothes on after you have a steamy shower. Steaming is a good way of getting out light creases, without needing to iron. You can get mini steamers, or full sized ones. Steaming is also a good option for certain fabrics.

Bloomers- This is an item that does get included on a lot of these lolita blogging lists, but I still feel they are an important addition to this list. Whilst I personally avoid bloomers when it gets especially hot or when my digestive condition is playing up, the rest of the time I will wear them. In an ideal world, people should not be looking up your skirt anyway, but sometimes these things do happen. When I modeled at Frock On, all the models were told to wear bloomers. After going to the rehearsals and seeing the height of the stage, it did make sense to wear them. But a sudden gust of wind is an everyday example of why bloomers are important in lolita. Also, bloomers are just a part of the general aesthetic of lolita. Even if people are not going to see them, a lot of lolitas still count bloomers as an essential part of a lolita outfit.

So that is my list of wardrobe supporters. Can you think of any others? Please share in the comments!


  1. These are good tips, and easy to overlook when concentrating on the outer layer of a final coord. Where I live, we don't have a damp problem, but it can get very humid, so we bought a plug-in dehumidifier. I was shocked at how much water it collects just from the air – in the summer, it collects a litre of water every few days.

    I have used the sweat pads before, and they are good for when it is very hot, but only to the extent that a deodorant is good (I'm not a sweaty person really so do not know how helpful they are to those that are), as obviously it isn't just your armpits that make a dress in need of washing, but the rest of your skin. I'd say it maybe slightly prolongs the length of time you can wear something before washing it, but as you'll need to wash it anyway, there isn't much point to them unless you are wearing a dryclean-only OP and want to save a bit of money.

    I also have a portable steamer, which is doesn't get out all the wrinkles, but it was cheap (£15). I'd love a professional one, but you need space to be able to store them.

    1. Whoa, that is a lot of water for a few days! Thankfully our moisture traps do last for 6 weeks and sometimes we can get away with not changing them for a bit longer than that.

      I am very unsure about sweat pads and I have had mixed results. Usually I am not too sweaty, but if I have a panic attack then that can overpower my deodorant. In that situation I think sweat pads could be very useful. And sometimes it is not the sweat, but the deodorant that is the problem, especially if you use too much. Luckily it has never happened when I have worn lolita, but I do dread getting those silver coloured stains on my dresses.

      I would like to get a steamer but like you said, it is finding the space. Relying on a steamy shower is not ideal! Maybe I will get a small portable one too.

  2. I avoid bloomers like plaque, I am high waisted, so they wouldn't stay up. The feeling of everything pulling apart is not so nice.
    An alternative to strabless bras, would be transperant or nude straps. By my experience if you are on the bustier side, strapless wouldn't stay up.

    1. Some bloomer sellers do custom sizing, so I guess that is an option. I have to admit that I do find bloomers very uncomfortable a lot of the time. I really like the Sugar Trampoline ones Shalisa made for my birthday though.

      That is a very good point! As I am not very busty myself, I completely forgot to mention clear straps!


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