Thursday, 17 December 2015

Some Festive Print Ideas

So as I was writing my post about doing Christmas outfits without resorting to Christmas prints, I ended up coming up with some festive prints I would really like to see. I do love looking at Christmas prints, even though I don't own any! Some of these ideas have featured as small parts of prints, but I feel I would quite like to see these ideas used in a bigger way. So here is what I want to see from future Christmas prints.

Robins- In the UK, we love a cute little robin. They feature heavily on Christmas cards and their red breasts are a lovely burst of colour in the harsh, dull Winter countryside. In fact, earlier this year there was a survey in the UK to find what bird we would most like to have as our national bird (because we don't have one) and the robin was the winner. I could imagine a robin print having a mainly white, snowy background, so that the robin would stand out and truly shine. Maybe the bird's footprints could make a trail in the snow. Birds also have lots of quirky little mannerisms that I feel have never really been that well captured in lolita prints. Most bird themed prints either feature the birds in cages, or just have the cages with no birds at all. Earlier this year, I made friends with a little robin who came and watched me do the gardening and it would come so close that I could almost touch it. Sometimes I stopped and just watched the robin hopping about. During that time I realised just how sweet these cute little birds are. Some lolitas may love cat prints, but I am championing bird prints!

Penguins- This is another bird which I am surprised hasn't really featured that heavily in lolita. Whenever I see penguins on TV, they always look so cute, especially the babies. The babies are like little balls of fluff! Penguins would maybe not work with classic or gothic, but I could definitely picture a sweet penguin print. Come on, Angelic Pretty, you know you want to do a penguin print! Penguins love to slip and slide about, so I think a print would need to capture this, instead of them just stood in a line.

Cornucopia or Christmas wreaths- Admittedly cornucopias are a bit more Thanksgiving than Christmas, but Thanksgiving is close to Christmas, so I decided to leave it on the list anyway! I could definitely see Innocent World doing a beautiful cornucopia print. Out of all the brands it perhaps seems Innocent World would be the most likely to do one. I guess though, that cornucopias are not that big a thing in Japan, so this is probably not likely to get made. Christmas wreaths on the other hand, have featured in Christmas prints before but never as the main feature. They have always sort of been hidden in the background. Wreaths is definitely another one which I think Innocent World could make a beautiful print with.

Reindeer- There are a lot of deer prints out there! But how many deer prints feature reindeer? A lot of the prints are either fawns or this sort of generic looking deer. Maybe the reindeer is too similar to a regular deer, and the brands are worried about how many deer prints are on the market. But I personally feel a reindeer print, in the right sort of setting, could work really well for Christmas. Perhaps they could even sneak a red nose on one of the reindeer as a hint to Rudolph! A lot of deer prints feature a leafy, forest theme. But a reindeer theme could take a different route and use a snowy background. It would also be lovely to see reindeer prancing about and frolicking, as in a lot of deer prints the deer are usually not moving too much.

A festive decorated fireplace- Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, hanging up Christmas stockings... this is a popular scene at Christmas. Perhaps the fireplace could have a line of decorative holly and ivy carefully framing it. You see this scene in a lot of films and TV series at Christmas, so why hasn't it been made in to a print? I could see this idea working for Baby, who have done a lot of prints this year which feature indoors scenes.


  1. I love the idea of a robin print! I'm actually quite surprised it hasn't been done before. Now I sorely want one. The fireplace idea is ridiculously cute as well!

    1. I am surprised there hasn't been a robin print too. Here is hoping they make one!

  2. Over in Australia we have a couple of different types of Christmas symbols. For flora we have a poinciana tree, which is bright red and green and the Nuytsia more commonly known here as the Christmas tree, which has brilliant fluffy orange blossoms. As for fauna, we just dress our national animals up in Christmas hats (sometimes the emu dorns cute stripey socks too).
    Have a lovely break over Christmas, see you next year.

    1. Wow! I really love the idea of an emu wearing stripy socks! That sounds so cute. I like the idea of a poinciana tree featuring in a print too.

      Hope you have a lovely Christmas!


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