Thursday, 20 August 2015

Picnic In Oxford!

Last Saturday the Oxford community had another picnic meet! It went so well last year that I decided to try and recapture some of that magic. It came very close to being rained off, but thankfully the grass dried in time! I was getting so worried that I would have to fit a group of 11 inside an Oxford restaurant without a booking- a near impossible task on a Saturday.

I wore Sugary Carnival because... I don't know why! Do you ever feel an urge to wear a specific lolita piece? Well, that is what happened to me. I didn't really plan this outfit out that thoroughly but when you are wearing a lot of pieces that you already know go together, then it isn't that difficult to make an outfit anyway. Last time I wore SC I teamed it with lots of pink, so this time I went with white for a change. You can't really see it in the picture, but the ankle socks are the same shade of lavender as the dress, which for me is quite an achievement! I hate trying to match lavenders.

We went to the University Parks and actually ended up in the same spot we picked last year. Shalisa had to tell James to stop feeding the ducks because it turned in to a bit of an invasion. It felt a bit like we were in an Alfred Hitchcock film! 

Most of us put off buying food until the actual day in case it got rained off, but Madeleine made the most adorable biscuits and cakes. I really loved the Hello Kitty biscuits. They tasted amazing. Maybe I should get the recipe off of Madeleine.

I completely forgot to get some group shots, so I am including this partial group photo that I took when I was waiting for people to get their shoes back on! There were lots of cute outfits and berry and food prints seemed to be the theme of the day. We had plenty of time to laze about and just talk. I found out that a large chunk of the group is in to strange documentaries, so we bonded over that!

Then it was time for the pinata. After the issues we had last year with the pinata not drying out, this year I got a shop brought one. Unfortunately, the shop sold the last donkey pinata literally an hour before we got there, so we ended up with the most derpy looking dog pinata called Sparky (it was either that or Olaf from Frozen). We managed to confuse a real dog with the pinata, who didn't seem to understand that the pinata wasn't a real dog!

Sammi managed to decapitate poor Sparky quite early on but didn't break the body, so we had to hang the headless pinata back up! We didn't take the head down straight away, and this random woman came by and started staring at the dog head, as if it was an art installation or some sort of protest, which was incredibly bizarre!

Eventually, the pinata was fully destroyed. Lauren seemed very pleased with her sweet and keychain haul! I think most people got at least something out the pinata. Those keychains I got in my Taobao order from the other week proved a big hit. Although the macaron keychains smelt very strongly of plastic.

Here is a random shot of the lake we were sat by. It was quite a nice view and we had plenty of trees around us. We also got to overhear a play going on nearby, which had a strange theme going on.

Afterwards a few of us went to the Mitre for drinks. I saw they had a new lemonade on offer, but was very disappointed that it didn't look like how it did in the picture! Where is the additional slices of lemon, stripy straw and cute jam jar glass!? It was lovely, but I noticed the others changed their orders when they saw they weren't going to get the jam jar glasses!

I came home feeling very tired, but I feel it was worth it. The picnic meets are usually some of the most relaxed meets and it was lovely to do something simple before Regalia in September. I hope to see the Oxford group again soon.


  1. So cute! And those biscuits are fantastic! I wish I could cook cute things that well.

    1. Agreed! Madeleine did such a great job with the biscuits!


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