Monday, 17 August 2015

Brick House by Metamorphose

Today I shall be taking a look at Brick House by Metamorphose. This series includes 3 dresses, a cape, 5 hair accessories, a bag and socks.

First up is the A-line Dress. Here we have yet another sack shaped dress and there is no real defined bodice to this dress. I feel the dress at least needs a defined waist line to give a bit of shape and stop the wearer looking like a massive walking triangle. The sleeves look very cute though. They look a nice length and have a suitable amount of puffiness to them. I like the way the cuffs have been gathered too, and finished simply with some lace and solid coloured bows. Another thing I am a little unsure of is the collar teamed with the neckline. The solid coloured collar is such a cute shape, although a little bit big. But the neckline looks a bit strange the way it has been done. It would perhaps look a bit better if the collar actually went along the edge of the neckline instead of going all the way down to the chest area and then having that random bit of material on the inside of the collar. What I do like is the material used for the collar and the use of lace around the edge and the gold trim. It has been set out so neatly. Perhaps velvet could have been an option instead of the koshibo chirimen fabric, but I feel the materials used still look quite pretty. The collar is then topped with a bow, which is a lovely shape and it is the perfect size. I think the charm on the bow is cute too! The back offers no shirring, so the size flexibility is a bit limited. The zip is well concealed though. The stock photos show the skirt has plenty of volume. I suppose with the right petticoat you could probably create a decent shape, but I am still not convinced by these sack style dresses. The skirt features plenty of detail, but the print is still displayed very well. The double tiered ruffle at the bottom has been well executed and the tiers sit well on top of each other. Above the tiers, there is a line of ribbon topped with some very cute bows. The bows are a suitable size and don't look too distracting. The bottom of the tiers are lined neatly with some good quality lace. I like the choice of lace width.

Here we have the Tiered Pinafore JSK. The bodice material looks a tiny bit baggy in places and I think the bodice shape is a bit simple. The heart shaped neckline is quite cute though, and I love the lace lining the neckline. The lace softens the neckline shape and gives it a fancier finish. The straps look quite a supportive width. They look a bit basic though. Some thin lace would have helped to liven them up a bit. The bows at the bases of the straps with the charms dangling from them are cute though. These bows are a suitable size and are well shaped. Sadly, I am not so fond of the waist bow and the 3 bodice bows. I think in this instance the koshibo chirimen fabric was not the right choice, as it is very floppy. As a result, the bows look quite droopy. The large waist bow is especially saggy looking. The pearl chain dangling from the waist bow only adds to the drooping problem. If Meta had just used a stiffer fabric choice here, the dress would have looked a lot better. I also feel that all of these bows are a bit too big in size. Every single bow on the bodice, including the strap bows, are detachable but I feel this makes the dress too plain. I feel it is about striking up the perfect balance for your personal tastes I would keep the strap bows attached and possibly one of the floppy bows, provided it was positioned right. The bodice also feature 2 lines of lace, which I think is a good way of breaking up the bodice and gives it a nice paneled appearance. I do wish the lines of lace had been spaced a little bit further apart though. The back of the dress is fully shirred so there is plenty of size flexibility, but the shirring does not look that attractive. The stock photos show the skirt has plenty of volume and flares outwards well. The petticoat Meta have used makes the skirt look quite triangular but with the right petti there is the potential to create a lovely, full shape. The skirt is divided in to tiers, which are well spaced out and sit on top of each other neatly. Despite this being an all-over style print, I don't feel the print is displayed as well as it could have been. The bottom of the tiers are lined very neatly with lace, with the very bottom tier having an extra ruffle of the koshibo fabric. 

This is the Switched JSK. The bodice seems well fitted. The shape is fairly simple, but quite nice looking. I think the bodice gives off a more mature look. I especially like that the bodice is solid coloured. It helps to break up the print so it isn't as domineering. The straps are a decent width and look quite supportive. The straps and arm holes are lined with gold braid and a thin line of lace, which looks really smart and has been nicely done. I only wish the bordeaux and navy colours had coloured lace here, as I feel the white lace looks quite stark. There is a waist bow, which I feel is a bit big and I am not too keen on the appearance of this bow either. The shape could have been better and I don't like the lace and gold trim on this bow. Thankfully, this waist bow is detachable and I would definitely detach it. The bodice features 2 lines of buttons connected by detachable chains, although I would leave the chains attached. The buttons are well spaced out and the chains are a suitable length. There is another bow, in the photo shown attached to the base of one of the straps. I don't really feel this bow is needed, although it is quite a nice shape and size. It is detachable, so perhaps it just needs to be placed in a different location. The back of the dress is fully shirred, so there is plenty of stretch but the shirring is not too appealing to look at. I am also not keen on the way the straps cross over at the back and would have preferred a regular set of straps. The stock photos show the skirt has plenty of volume and it flares outwards beautifully. The skirt shape is pretty. The skirt design is kept simple, so the print is displayed perfectly. The bottom hem is then finished off with a line of gold braid and a simple solid coloured ruffle. I think this is just the perfect amount of detail and it suits the style of the rest of the dress.

And here we have a very zoomed in print close up, but it gives you a very good idea of what the print looks like. This series comes in brown, bordeaux and navy blue. I think all 3 colours work very well with the print. The colour choices are quite mature and I had a hard time picking a favourite colour. As for the print itself, it is quite a simple print but it is well laid out and has quite an interesting design. I like how some of the windows have animals peeking out or other interesting things going on. The brick background may be quite basic but it works so well. I think this is my favourite Meta print in a while.

So overall, I would say this is a really lovely print and I hope this series does well for Metamorphose. I wouldn't say the dress designs are perfect, but the issues I have with some of the dresses are quite small and some of the bits I don't like are detachable anyway. Would I buy this series? Possibly, but this isn't my usual style. I definitely think it is worth going for though. I would pick the Switching JSK in bordeaux as my top choice. It is great to see such a variety of hair accessories as well.

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