Thursday, 4 June 2015

May 2015 Taobao Order Review- Picture Heavy

It's time for another Taobao order review! As my readers have guessed by now, I am really happy with Taobao Spree's shopping service, so I always use them now. I was assigned Ray again and he was very helpful. He suggested how much to mark the value for the shipping and was once again very friendly. I do have some more stuff coming in another package but that is stuff I have already reviewed on this blog, so unless there is some massive delay or something goes wrong, I wont be reviewing the 2nd half of this order.

The items arrived to Taobao Spree in the time they estimated and there were no delays whatsoever. The parcel only took a few days to go from Taobao Spree to me as well and everything went smoothly. There was a little bit of a dent in the package though. It was nothing too serious, so I was not that concerned, and the items inside arrived safely. It looked like the parcel tape had been wrapped a little too tightly and it damaged the box a little. It was just a small rip in the cardboard and you can barely see it in the photo above. Inside the box everything was tightly packaged and there was no room for the items to move about and get bashed.

First up is the Cardcaptor Sakura beret which I have unfortunately lost the link to. But this beret has been doing the rounds a lot lately, so it shouldn't be too difficult to locate. I went for the black and the black colour looks very dark and rich. The gold embroidery really stands out against the background. A lot of people have been saying they are not that impressed with the beret and I am not really sure why. The beret is a good size for an adult head. The only real fault I could find is how to position the beret when worn. The embroidery part is quite firm and is not that flexible. So you have to wear the beret in a very specific way and I can't place it to one side like I usually do when I wear berets.

The embroidery is done very neatly and looks quite crisp. There were a few small bits which could have been done better but when you look at the design as a whole, it is quite a pretty design. I really love the magic circle design and unless you have watched Cardcaptor Sakura, chances are you wouldn't even notice it was based off a manga.

The detachable brooch is really cute. The ribbon used is matte, which is a bonus in my opinion. The clow key charm is adorable as well! The only part I am not that fussed by is the lace, as it looks a bit cheap and has been randomly placed. The back of the brooch has a standard badge backing to it. It is a shame there isn't a alligator clip on the back as well to make it just that little bit more versatile. So I feel the beret is nice enough. It is not perfect, but after hearing some average reviews, it was better than I was expecting.

Next up are the items I got from Mattys 

This macaron coin purse is a prize for out upcoming ILD meet (I decided to show this one prize and keep the rest a secret!). I ordered the Belamy Rose colour and the pink shade is so cute. I purposely went for the fluffy version and it has got a lovely texture to it. The materials used are so soft. The purse has been well sewn and looks very neat. The zip doesn't get caught and you can zip it open and closed with no issues. There is also a keychain, which is very useful. When I ordered a scented macaron purse for myself from another shop a while ago, it didn't come with a keychain. So I am glad this one does! The purse came in some very pretty packaging. It would make a lovely present for somebody.

What surprised me about the coin purse is the size. The macaron is so big! There is plenty of room inside as well. It will definitely hold plenty of coins inside. The purse is neatly lined too. I am a little bit sad that I don't get to keep it!

I also got myself a macaron blanket from the same store. And if you like the look of this item, do keep an eye out for the giveaway I am hosting when I hit 300 followers... The size of the blanket is okay for casually draping it over yourself. I think it could do with being a little bit bigger so you can really wrap yourself up in it though. I can't get over how soft the blanket is! It is really lovely to touch and is perfect to cuddle up with.

The embroidery on the macaron is done so neatly. It looks cute! I wish the Mattys logo on it was a bit more subtle but that is only a minor issue.

The edges of the blanket are also very neat and has a nice thick border. I love the blanket so much that I am tempted to buy more in other colours. This was definitely a good buy.

The last item I got myself was a tiara from Juese Bride

Although it is a bridal shop, there are loads of hair accessories which could work with lolita fashion, especially seeing as veils are popular right now. The beads and chains are of a good quality, especially considering the price. There was not a single bead out of place.

The tiara was a good size for an adult's head. If I was wearing a really thick wig it might be a little bit tight though. The spacing of the chains on the tiara is really good and very evenly spread out.

I especially like how the tiara looks from the side. I love having all the little beads dangling. It is such a pretty design. So I would probably recommend this Taobao store as well. I definitely got what I paid for. What I liked about this store as well, was that the tiara came wrapped up in bubble wrap and also came in its own box. There were also a few small spare pieces as well and some hair pins, which is very useful.

So this was quite a positive Taobao experience and I don't think there is a single store featured here that I wouldn't order from again. I especially love Mattys. I recommend looking at their store because they have all sorts of cute home wares, especially if you love macarons. I am hoping to do another Taobao order soon, so here is hoping that order goes as smoothly as this one.


  1. Really nice buys! I love the beret, and I hadn't heard of Matty's before, definitely gonna check it out, I love both macarons and cute homewares ^_^

    { }

    1. I can't recommend Matty's enough, there is so many macaron things on there!

  2. Great haul I love the beret and the hair accessory.

    1. Thanks! I am so happy with how the beret turned out.

  3. I also ordered a black CCS beret and I have to say it looks really good!
    I am happy I did because I fell in love with the anime again and now I am rewatching it :D

    1. I had the exact same feeling when I got mine! I am rewatching Sailor Moon right now but CCS is next on my list!

    2. You don't happen to have the link, do you? ^^

  4. I need that beret in my life!!! I am a massive CCS fan, and that is a really classy and cute accessory!

    1. Found it!-


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