Thursday, 9 April 2015

R.I.P Poupee Girl

So Poupee Girl is gone... I have to say, I genuinely feel sad about this. Of course Poupee Girl was just a game but there was also a sense of community. I know that there are a lot of people out there who, like me, had a Poupee Girl and dressed up their Poupees religiously every single day. It was a really fun way to waste a little time in the afternoon and also, the virtual clothes were actually quite cute! There is clothing on there that I could actually picture wearing in real life. In fact, brands such as Angelic Pretty collaborated with PG in the past. I have to admit that on a few occasions I have been a little jealous of my Poupee Girl's wardrobe. If only you could leave comments on stuff and be rewarded with clothes in real life! 

I decided to mark the end of an era by dressing up my Poupee Girl in some of her most used items. I always loved this navy hat with pretty pink floral details. In fact, I think I found out about my gloves obsession because I was constantly using these gloves for my Poupee Girl. My Poupee Girl knew what I liked to wear in real life before I did! 

But it isn't just the dressing up part I will miss. I will never forget when I first got a Poupee Girl account and spent hours taking photos of my entire wardrobe. It got incredibly frustrating (and I really do appreciate the effort that goes in to the wardrobe posts for the EGL January theme now) but it was also handy to have these photos in one place. Instead of opening up my wardrobe and dragging out piles of clothing, I could just log in to my PG account and see everything in an instant. It was also interesting to see how my wardrobe has evolved and how my tastes changed. You are supposed to delete items that you sell on or get rid of (I never knew anybody who actually stuck to this rule though. It meant you lost items from your virtual Poupee closet!) but I never did. It is sometimes good to go and take a look down memory lane, no matter how embarrassing it is! At one point almost all of my lolita friends had a Poupee Girl account and I loved snooping through their closets.

I wouldn't say I was a popular PG player, but I made a lot of friends there. I loved getting comments on my items and quite often I would message people and ask where they got something from. I would also return the favour when people would ask me where all my Taobao finds came from. I also loved the messages people left for me. I am so gutted that a lot of them have been automatically deleted now because it was a real confidence boost to read them.

I guess in a way I can see why the owners have decided to close PG down but at the same time I think PG was still relatively popular enough to keep it going. There hasn't been any new clothing released in over a year but I know a lot of people who continued to use their accounts. It is a shame they couldn't have just left it running like they have been doing for the past year. I am sure the owners must have their reasons, but it is still a bit sad. Bye bye old friend.


  1. Omg I used this like a hundred years ago! It was almost nothing but Japanese members when I joined. The people were sweet but the language barrier made me feel really alone lol. Even after I quit I was getting thousands and thousands of annoying Poupee girl junk letters which I could never unsubscribe from. Perhaps now that it's done for I can finally reclaim my old inbox lol.

    1. I have to admit I am not missing the hundreds of "You got comment" emails I used to get! I think I joined at the right time because a lot of English users were using it by then. Hopefully I can still connect with the friends I made elsewhere :)

    2. It was so sad. I notice about this recently ):
      i felt jelous of my pg several times! xD it was soooo funny dress up her </3

    3. I would have been happy to swap wardrobes with my poupee!


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