Thursday, 2 April 2015

Mini Outfit Post- Oxford "Crafting" Meet

Last weekend we attempted to have an Oxfordshire Lolita meet in Oxford. The idea was to walk up to Hobbycraft, get supplies and then spend the afternoon crafting in the pub. To be fair, we did do the first bit but when it came to the actual crafting... we sort of didn't feel in the mood for it! So we got some drinks and had a bit of a catch-up instead. 

Unfortunately the weather was not on our side for this meet. The weather and gale force winds were such a contrast to the gathering I went to a few weeks ago where it felt like a Summer's day. Due to the weather, I had to wear something that I wouldn't mind getting splashed with rain water. This meant wearing a lot of black! But I haven't completely withdrawn from the more colourful part of my wardrobe and I managed to get some red in to my outfit. I got to use the Baby bag I got from Maiden Clothing and I can confirm it held up quite nicely in the wet weather. I thought my outfit was fairly subdued for lolita but for the first time in ages we did get a bit of hassle from a group of blokes in the pub. Luckily we managed to handle it fairly well though and we could have a bit of a laugh about it.

My umbrella broke whilst we were walking up to Hobbycraft so I had to pop in to Dunelm Mill to get myself an emergency umbrella. With Easter around the corner, there were a lot of pastels and cute little critters about in the shops. We found this mutated duck and duckling whilst I was buying my new umbrella. Since when have ducks had arms and legs like that!

We were unable to get in the Chequers so we went off to our usual pub the Mitre again. They have a new menu out, so we tried the Eton Mess sundae. It tasted amazing! I still think the fudge cake is my favourite though. But the sundae did have a good ratio of ice cream, sauce and meringue. Sammi, James and I are all fans.

And finally, a picture of my Hobbycraft purchases. I swear, I did have good intentions going in to this meet! I am going to make some rosettes so the felt is for the centre bit and I got some ribbon and thread too. I've just got to find the time to make them now.

Sadly, I didn't get any group pictures as I forgot to take any. But everybody looked lovely! Yes, things didn't go to plan but I am glad I made the effort to get dressed up and see people. I just can't wait for this awful weather to pass so we can have more outside meets soon.

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