Monday, 9 March 2015

Salon de the Rose by Angelic Pretty

Today I shall be taking a look at Salon de the Rose by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a skirt, a bonnet, gloves, wrist cuffs, socks and umbrella.

This is the OP. The bodice material looks a little bit baggy and loose in places. The overall bodice shape is quite pretty, although maybe a bit fussy looking. The sleeves have a pretty shape to them, although the length could be a little awkward on some wearers. The bell part of the sleeves flares out beautifully and the material is layered well. The lace used on the sleeves is absolutely beautiful, although there is perhaps a little bit too much of it. I think the lace on the sleeves sticks out a little too far at the bottom and the lace around the start of the bell part isn't needed. I also feel the bows on the sleeves are too big and the ribbon used for the bows is far too shiny. The waist area has a large solid coloured bow, which in my opinion sticks out quite a lot. It is a pretty shape and sits reasonably well on the dress but I just don't feel this bow is really needed as the dress is already very OTT. The bodice features multiple layers of lace. The lace has a pretty design and is layered well. The lace is then topped with a bow on the neckline, which again is quite large. The shape is lovely though and I like how neatly the edges have been lined with lace. The pearl chain dangling from the bow is a nice finishing touch. I just feel it needs to be smaller as it is quite dominant. The choker included with the dress is made up of good quality lace but I feel the ribbon bow makes it look cheap. I don't feel the bow is really needed here either. The back of the dress has a panel of shirring which is concealed neatly by a ribbon corset. However, the ribbon used for this part is once again very shiny and I feel it sticks out. The stock photos show the skirt has plenty of volume and will hold plenty of petticoat. It flares out beautifully and creates a pretty shape. The skirt is kept very simple, which given the OTT bodice is a bit of a blessing. It also means the print is displayed brilliantly. The bottom hem is then finished off with cute bow themed lace, although I think rose themed lace would have fitted better.

Here we have the JSK. The bodice looks very well fitted and the shape is quite pretty. The strap width really suits the style of the dress and I love how the straps and neckline have this pretty frilly appearance to them. The lace and ruffles create a fluffy appearance which also is a good match for the details on the rest of the dress. The straps do look a bit flimsy though. The waist area has a large bow which is a pretty shape, but looks a bit big in size. The bow is also lined with lace which doesn't help its large size but does blend in well with the lacy over-skirt. The bodice features multiple lines of lace and a ribbon corset. At first, I thought all the lace was a little too much and thought it would be better to take some of it away, but it has since grown on me. The lace is very pretty and it also provides nice continuity with the lacy straps and edge of the over-skirt. The ribbon for the ribbon corset is well spaced out and doesn't look too bunched together. The edges of the ribbon corset are well concealed by the lace too. It is a shame that the ribbon used for the corset and the bow on the neckline are once again very shiny though. The neckline bow is a cute shape and is a nice size as well. It sits well on the dress and looks quite perky. The back of the dress features a panel of shirring which is concealed by a ribbon corset. Again, the ribbon is shiny. The stock photos show the skirt is very plump with loads of volume. It flares out beautifully and there is the potential to create a lovely shape. The skirt features a lacy over-skirt which really fits in with the rest of the dress design. The over-skirt is a pretty shape and lined neatly with lace along the edge. It sits really well on top of the skirt as well. The over-skirt is detachable but I think it looks really good and I personally would leave it attached. Despite the over-skirt, the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with floral themed lace, although I don't think the lace is the prettiest and the line of lace is a bit too wide.

And here we have a part of the print close up. This series is available in pink, blue, mint and lavender. All four colours work really well with the print. I especially love the use of light and dark pinks on the pink colour way. As for the print itself, it really feels like this is an updated version of AP's Memorial Cake print. The cakes in the print are drawn beautifully and have lots of lovely little details to them. I love how the cakes are framed with ruffles. The cakes and the roses compliment each other very well and I really like the combination. I also like how the background has the diamond pattern made up of ribbons topped with roses. The roses have some lovely detail to them too. The only bit of the print I am not sure of is the gathered table cloth part right at the bottom of the print. I feel it looks a little flat and empty in comparison to the rest of the print. This part hasn't been drawn that well either.

So overall this is quite a pretty series. It is very dressy and perfectly OTT for a nice fancy event. The details on the dresses compliment the print really nicely. The only thing I really dislike is the shiny ribbon as I feel it looks cheap. I also feel the dresses would look too extravagant for a smaller event. Perhaps Memorial Cake would be a good option if this series is too OTT. Would I buy this series? Possibly, but it wont be going on my wishlist. If I had to pick a dress I would go for the JSK in pink. I love the use of colour on the pink version. I really love the JSK design too and I am not surprised to see it is so popular.

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