Thursday, 26 March 2015

Challenge Your Wardrobe... Again!

After my last Challenge Your Wardrobe post, I have thought up a few more challenges for a lolita's wardrobe. A few of these may be a bit harder for some, but hopefully there is a challenge here to suit everybody.

Tone down a usually OTT piece to wear in a simpler, more casual everyday outfit- I find that I have pieces in my wardrobe that I only ever wear to lolita meets because they are generally too OTT to wear as casual, day-wear. If you are able to tone down an OTT piece successfully, then you will probably get more wear out of it.

Try 3 new hair styles- They could be hair styles that work around a certain hair accessory, or just something a bit different to what you usually do with your hair or wigs.

Co-ordinate a widely hated print well- Extra points if it is AP's Whipped Magic (sorry, WM fans). There are a couple of prints out there which are hated by a large proportion of the lolita community. So I am always impressed when I see somebody co-ordinate these hated prints in a way that works well and is generally liked by the online community. This is a bit of a tricky challenge but who knows... you may change somebody's mind about that print!

Ban prints for 5 outfits- This one is especially difficult for a print fan like me! Sometimes it is good to take a break from what you know. By removing prints it gives you the chance to either come up with some cute solid coloured outfits or by trying to find a way to make the outfit interesting without resorting to prints.

Learn a new craft and then make your own accessories to match your wardrobe pieces- Knitting, crochet, trying to sew something using a pattern from the Gothic Lolita Bible... there are lots of different new crafts to try out there. If you are new to crafting then even creating something simple can be rewarding.

Wear an accessory in a way you wouldn't usually- For example, who says that a necklace has to always be worn around the neck? Maybe you could drape it in your hair between some hair accessories. I have seen many sweet lolitas wearing wrist cuffs around their ankles. These are just 2 suggestions and the only limit is your imagination.

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