Thursday, 12 February 2015

Oxfordshire Lolitas 4th Anniversary Meet!

February is usually a hectic time of year for me, as it is when we celebrate the Oxfordshire Lolita's anniversary! Our group has been officially running for 4 years now and I am so happy that so many lolitas came out to celebrate. I was hosting again this year and after a couple of stressful weeks, I finally managed to pull everything together.

I was so focused on getting the plans for the meet in place, that I almost ran out of time to put together an outfit! I decided that because this was a big meet I would wear my favourite dress. It actually turned out to be a good dress choice, as it meant I could wear a lot of the navy blue items I got in my most recent Taobao order. It also gave me the opportunity to wear my butterfly print tights from Syrup, which I absolutely adore. After deciding I really wanted to pair the dress and tights together, all that was left to do was add a bit more ivory to the outfit to help balance it out. So I opted for my lacy bolero and some ivory lace gloves. 

We ended up at Zizzi's because it was one of the few places that would fit a group of our size in Oxford! The food was quite nice, although Shalisa, Sammi and Nicola ended up with a burnt crust on their pizza. So some people enjoyed it more than others. But my personal favourite part of the meal was this Cosmopolitan cocktail I ordered. I had to take a photo because it looked so pretty! I loved the freeze-dried raspberries that were sprinkled on top.

There were several returning features to this anniversary meet and one of those activities making a return was the vote. We all voted for our favourite outfits. I ended up winning Best Classic and Community Spirit. I still think my crafting skills are pretty atrocious but several people complimented my work. Perhaps I just need to practice a bit more. This time I set a new low record of only injuring myself once whilst making these! Next time I am hoping to get that down to no injuries at all.

After going for group photos, some of the group headed off to the Mitre for pudding (which for me, meant yet another chocolate fudge cake. That pudding is addictive!). We randomly got asked by one of the staff to pose behind the bar! Apparently he wanted to ask us last time but the pub was too busy. I am glad we were able to let him get his photo this time.

We also had a raffle earlier on in the day. Here are the prizes I won! Sammi had posted a picture of her doughnut clips on the event wall previously so I was determined to get one and luckily, I did. They are so cute. I also got lots of floral and bow themed items, which are always useful in a sweet/classic wardrobe like mine.

And here is one of the group photos we took, minus the men and Bethan. It is a bit blurry and far away but it was one of the few photos we took where somebody isn't pulling a silly face! At this point it was also still quite cold outside and I think we were in a hurry, with so many different cameras to get photos on. There were so many pretty outfits. Chocolate was by far the favourite theme this time and I was glad I was able to help complete Sammi's outfit by selling her my AP Melty Chocolate rings on the day. We got quite lucky and didn't get too bombarded by tourists, although inevitably there is always one and we gladly posed for one guy's selfie!

I do hope that all my guests had a wonderful time. Once I had gotten all the organising out of the way I found I was able to enjoy the meet. I was also quite pleased with how well my outfit turned out, considering it was literally chucked together in the space of half an hour! It has definitely put me in the mood to host some more meets soon.

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