Thursday, 23 October 2014

Removing The Logo From My Replica Bag

I would just like to start off by saying that it is not my aim to encourage people to buy replica bags and I am not judging people who choose to buy replicas. I just wanted to show everybody what happened when I tried to remove the fake brand logo on my bag. I tend to keep replicas in my wardrobe to a minimum but I am not 100% anti-replica. However, I personally really dislike it when replicas have copies of brand names on them. I find it dishonest (that is just my personal opinion). When I wanted a generic gold heart shaped bag, I looked everywhere but could only find replicas of the Milk heart bags. I am yet to find a replica of these bags in gold which doesn't have the fake Milk logo on them. Feeling a bit defeated, I decided to settle for the replica and then attempt to remove the logo. This is how I got on.

To remove the logo I needed acetone. The best thing I could find, which I already had in the house, was nail polish remover. I am not sure how strong the acetone in my nail polish remover is, but the product I used was a cheap drug store's own brand. I found it was strong enough to do the job.

I used cotton buds to apply the nail varnish remover because I wanted to be able to control how much product I was using. I also had tissues nearby, just in case. Here is how the fake logo looked when I started.

Straight away, you can see the black paint coming off on the cotton bud.

After a while, it looked like this. It did take a bit of time to get to this stage. However, I still wasn't happy because at this point all it had done was just faded the logo. So I kept at it until I couldn't see any black left on the bag.

And this is how it eventually turned out. There is a bit of a smudge and you can see the gold is a slightly different colour now. But the logo is gone! Unless you are purposely looking for it, the smudge isn't too obvious. I experimented by taking photographs from different distances and in most of the photos the smudge doesn't show up.

I feel this logo removal was fairly successful. I could have perhaps done it a bit neater but I have never had to do something like this before. It is not too bad for a first attempt. I would still encourage people to try to track down the authentic brand bags rather than buying replicas but I understand how tricky the gold Milk bag can be to get hold of sometimes. I wasn't actively looking for a Milk replica but just a gold heart shaped bag, but I feel a lot more comfortable now I know the fake logo is gone.

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