Thursday, 9 October 2014

Game Board Fun In Oxford

Last Saturday a few of the Oxfordshire Lolitas group decided we should go to the game board cafe in Oxford. We had been discussing having a little meeting after Revelry, and it certainly helped with my post-Revelry blues! 

I knew straight away which dress I should wear for a game board themed meet! The trouble was, the cafe is very small and it was also raining very heavily. So I had to break out the smaller petticoats and keep things casual. Despite my end outfit being quite casual, I think it turned out okay in the end. It was comfortable and I think everything worked fine together. My curled hair even lasted for most of the day! 

Thirsty Meeples (meeple is the technical term for a game piece used to represent the player apparently) is a really cool cafe that opened a year or 2 ago, quite near to the town centre. Their website brags that they have over 1000 board games in their cafe and they are not exaggerating! The staff suggested a few games to ease us in and get us started. We gave this game called Concept but I think we were all a bit underwhelmed by it.

We got the food we ordered pretty quickly. I ordered the pecan pie and it was heavenly! I really wanted another piece but I decided not to be greedy. I will definitely be coming back and having it again sometime. The others were similarly happy with their food as well.

Next up we played Articulate, which is a much better version of Concept. Unfortunately there were not enough game pieces! So Sammi and I stepped in and used our rings as extra game pieces. In the end, Shalisa won the game. I was just happy to not come in last place!

We also played this card game called Marrying Mr Darcy. It is based on Pride and Prejudice and you have to score points by marrying as best as you can. Each player scored different points depending on who their character was best suited to and who they were able to marry. I was Elizabeth Bennet so to score the highest points I had to marry Mr Darcy.

I personally didn't enjoy the game but the cards were very pretty. The text on the cards was funny too. It was written in a way that felt like it had come right out of the novel. After a while we decided to wrap this game up and play Cards Against Humanity. Although I feel bad admitting this, I did win CAH! You really have to throw any political correctness out of the window when you play that game.

Afterwards we took solo and group photos. The staff at the Fudge Kitchen said we were looking very "Parisian" because 3 of us were wearing berets! I love the staff in that shop.

Afterwards we went for dinner and Sammi gave me a cute macaron charm that matches the one Shalisa got in the Revelry raffle! Sammi knew how much I liked Shalisa's macaron and made me one especially. I was so happy! Sammi also made herself a purple one.

I hope we get to go back to Thirsty Meeples some time. It is a shame the tables are so small in there, otherwise we would have invited more of the Oxford group along with us. But the cafe is a great place to take small groups and I think we all had fun. We all enjoyed at least one of the games we played and the time slot was 3 hours long so we got a generous amount of time. The food is amazing too. I hope the Halloween meet we are having is just as fun!


  1. I own this dress too and I had the intention to sell it, but the way you coordinate it makes me want to try to wear it again !


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