Thursday, 18 September 2014

Take a Theme- Royalty

With all the excitement about the Tea Party Club event Revelry, I have recently been thinking about fancier outfits for these bigger events. You generally tend to see people putting a lot of effort in to their TPC event outfits and going a bit OTT. So I figured that a Take a Theme post based around a fancy theme was in order. So today I am taking a look at some of my favourite Royal themed items.

Potential sub themes- crowns, emblems, jewels, pearls, golden details, sceptres, hime or princess themes, castles

Brand prints of note- Felicia Crown, Grazia Crown (Innocent World), Wonder Queen (Angelic Pretty), pretty much every OTT princess dress Baby the Stars Shine Bright have ever released, Brilliant Princess (Metamorphose).

Chocomint and Paris Kids are frequently releasing crown themed stuff. Baby the Stars Shine Bright are also known for making quite a bit of jewellery that would work perfectly with a princess theme. Pearls and bold colours seem to feature quite a bit. Although the Pizzicato Kei echarpe pictured is out of stock, it is well worth remembering them if you ever want a very regal looking sash. Their echarpes are very popular and frequently sell out quickly. So do keep an eye out for new products! If you wanted to go a bit more OTT, Baby Piggy on Taobao has lots of mini crowns and Rococo Soul are known to put out sceptres from time to time. There are also more expensive options out there with more ornate and fancier designs. It is well worth taking the time to google mini crowns and seeing what turns up.

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