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Bright Starry Night by Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Today's print discussion will be Bright Starry Night by Baby the Star's Shine bright. This series includes 2 dresses, 2 hair accessories, 2 blouses, socks, wrist cuffs, a barrette and 3 pieces of jewellery.

Here we have JSK I which comes with a matching sash. The sash itself is very pretty and it is nice to have an added extra which you don't have to buy separately. The tulle at the ends of the sash matches up well with the tulle on the actual dress. My main complaint with the sash is some of the gold text gets cut off at the edges. So perhaps the text could have been placed a bit better.

In this photo we can see the bodice without the sash obscuring it. There is a little bit of baggy material visible but overall I think the bodice shape is quite pretty. The straps are a bit thin, but they suit the style of dress. I love how the straps have been lined with tulle. The tulle looks soft and it has been layered brilliantly. The end result is pretty and sits nicely on the shoulders. The front features a ribbon corset design. The soft ribbon used is beautiful and matches perfectly with the tulle. However, the ribbon does look slightly bunched together and a bit messy. It would have also been nice if the ribbon tails were a bit shorter so they didn't dangle so far down the skirt, as it looks a little untidy. But that can easily be fixed by double looping the bow. The bodice has a tulle panel at the top which has been gathered well and looks very neat. It creates a nice ruffle along the neckline too. This tulle panel is topped with 2 lines of star shaped lace, which is very cute and matches with the theme of the print. There is also a detachable pearl chain which I think hangs quite nicely. Although it does look a bit uneven having that random extra line of surplus pearls on one side. The back has a panel of shirring which is concealed neatly with a ribbon corset. The stock photos show the skirt has plenty of volume and flares outwards well. It will hold plenty of petticoat. The overall skirt shape is nice, although I do wish it was just a slight bit rounder. The skirt design is kept quite simple and the print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with a line of tulle topped with star lace. I wish they had under-stitched it instead of over-stitching it, but I don't think it looks too bad. 

This is JSK II. The bodice is reasonably well fitted. The overall bodice shape is interesting, although I feel the scoop neckline goes a little too low. Scoop necklines don't suit everybody and I also think in this instance it looks a bit weirdly executed. The straps are a suitable width. I love how they are topped with this really beautiful lace and then a line of tulle. It has been gathered a fair bit, giving the straps a very frothy, puffed appearance. Although there is a part of me that feels it is a shame to obscure that lace with the tulle! The waist has a large waist bow. The bow is a simple shape and almost looks a bit too plain. I also feel the bow could have sat on the dress a bit better. But with the large bow on the neckline as well, I don't think the waist bow is really needed. The front has a ribbon corset and a panel of shirring. I prefer my shirring to be hidden away at the back, so I am really not keen on this being on the front. The ribbon is spaced out well and the edges of the panel are lined neatly with thin gold braid though. When I first saw the bow on the neckline I felt it was too big, but now I realise it is necessary to hide the shirred neckline. I do feel the bow shape is a little unbalanced though, as the tails look big in comparison to the main part of the bow. The bow edges are lined neatly with lace, but I think the lace could have done with being a bit narrower. The back has no shirring (I see no reason at all why the shirring needs to be on the front) and is quite plain in design, with just 2 thin lines of gold braid running down the back. The stock photos show the skirt is very full with loads of volume. it flares outwards beautifully and I love the dramatic, rounded shape. The front of the skirt features a tulle bustle. The tulle material gives the bustle layers a soft, floaty appearance, which doesn't add too much bulk. The tiers are layered nicely and well spaced out. They sit nicely on top of each other as well. The edges of the bustle are discretely lined with thin gold braid which gives it a nice finish. The one thing I would change about the bustle is I would make it a bit wider width-wise. Despite the bustle, you can still see the print displayed fairly well. The bottom hem is then finished off with a simple tulle ruffle which I think is a lovely finish.

Here we can see one close up of the print...

... and here is another. This series is available in ivory, lavender, wine and navy. I think the combination of the gold print works well with the available colour choices. Although given the theme of the print, the wine colour is maybe a slightly strange choice. I am really torn between the other 3 colours but I think I am leaning slightly more towards the navy colour as the gold print really pops on the darker background. Some of the detail is a bit lost on the ivory. As for the print itself, I like the constellation theme. Although it is a bit strange to use random items that don't actually have a constellation. Well, at least I don't believe there is an official teapot constellation! It does make the print seem rather random, although I do feel the print has been drawn well. The bunny with the cutlery is cute. I also love the teapot pouring stars in to a teacup. It may not make sense to me, but I like it! All the pictures are framed by ribbon frames and gold swirls. It gives the print a more organised appearance. The stars help to fill in all the empty gaps as well. I love the use of an all gold colour print, as it produces a beautiful end result.

I found myself feeling a bit disappointed with the jewellery that is a part of the Bright Starry Night series. I have come to the conclusion that it is because I personally feel the jewellery from Baby's Twinkle Constellation series looks better. In the picture, the Twinkle Constellation necklace is on the left and the Bright Starry Night necklace is on the right. The designs are quite similar. However, I feel the Twinkle Constellation necklace looks better with the slightly puffier star shapes, the arrangement of stars and the use of just one colour of pearl. Also, I think the Bright Starry Night necklace would look better without the Baby brand name printed all over the stars. I think another factor is that if you look at the Bright Starry Night dresses, the necklace looks too cutesy in comparison and also features colours which don't appear on the dresses at all. Could you imagine wearing the Bright Starry Night necklace with the wine coloured dresses? It just wouldn't work. I think if Baby wanted to make star themed jewellery for Bright Starry Night, they should have gone for golden coloured stars and used just cream coloured pearls.

So overall I think this is a very pretty series and I can imagine it selling quite well. Although I find the print a bit bizarre (if there is a story behind the print then do let me know!) I still think that looks-wise the end product is lovely. I don't think this series will be going on my wishlist, but I do like it. I think that JSK I is the stronger of the 2 dress designs and that is what I would go for if I were to buy this series. I would have a hard time picking a colour though! I think the accessories are a bit of a let-down though, which is a shame. But I am sure there are loads of accessories that will match this series perfectly. I am really looking forward to seeing some outfits with this series!

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