Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Victorian Trading Co.

I was browsing the EGL Sale community when I came across a company I had never heard of. Feeling a little curious, I did a little google searching and found the Victorian Trading Company!

The Victorian Trading Co. is stuffed full of Victorian inspired items and if you are a fan of classic lolita or just like Victorian imagery, this website is definitely worth a visit. As well as clothing and accessories, there are lots of home wares, gifts and some crafts too.

The prices may be a little steep for some but I was not that surprised by the price range. However, having a browse could give you some inspiration and I have a few ideas simply by looking. They also have a free catalogue which would be good for cutting up and making some DIY art work. Plus, you can send free E-Cards to friends!

Here are a couple of the items I have been lusting over-

This is the Pastel Tea Party hat. I liked the shape of the hat and the way the lace has been draped. The dusky colours remind me of Innocent World and Victorian Maiden.

This is a Fairy Door necklace. A lot of the jewellery on the site looks very similar to a lot of other shops but I thought this necklace was a bit different. I can already think of several dresses and prints this would work with!

These boots may not be to everybody's tastes but I like the use of lace. The boots look like they are a nice shape too. It would be interesting to see some reviews of these.

I remember playing with paper dolls when I was younger but they never looked as pretty as this! I am curious to see what outfits are inside this book.

Mirrors with roses seem to appear quite a lot! I have seen this idea in lots of places before but the one in the picture is still lovely.

There is no way I am EVER going to be able to afford this bed but it is so beautiful! Anybody who has ever slept in a bed this gorgeous is very lucky. This is called their Rococo Bed. It will set you back $4995. Ouch!

The Victorian Trading Co. is a very interesting and beautiful shop. The website has definitely been a lovely distraction from all the current chaos in my life. I would recommend having a quick look. I wanted to make an Item of Desire post, but I was unable to pick out a single item!


  1. I saw that sales post too, and immediately checked out their website. They have some amazing items, particularly their bonnets and hats!

  2. The hats are gorgeous! I would love to get one sometime :)

  3. A lot of the shoes on that site are made by Pleaser and you can get them cheaper elsewhere :)

  4. Thank you for the heads up! :)

  5. I have always loved Victorian Trading Company! ♥ My mom has been getting their FREE catalogs for as long as I can remember. I get so excited when they come in the mail and I can browse through it. X3 Plus, they always have beautiful paintings on the front.

  6. I really want the free catalogue now! I wonder if they will send one to the UK? I don't want the download, I want a proper copy :)


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