Friday, 1 July 2011

The return of the carousel print

All of today's pictures are from the Japanese Bodyline website. At the time of posting, these were under the Stock section and are not yet available.

Bodyline are bringing back the popular carousel print! I think this is the 2nd time this print has been restocked. So far it looks like just the dress will be restocked but I reckon the skirt will be re-released as well. But hold on, it is not just coming back...

... there is also a new colour! Purple! At the moment you can't really see what the purple will look like because the picture is very tiny. You may recall I recently sold my blue version of the skirt and I was going to try to get the pink instead. Well, I am now glad I waited because I think the purple will look really pretty!

Also, I am wondering why my head bow never looks like how the model is wearing it. I have the same head bow and I can NEVER get it to look like this! Then again, her head is titled so perhaps it still looks odd.

There is also a new squirrel print out. You can tell it is Bodyline but it has a really huge AP influence to it. I can't help thinking the squirrels look a bit like the Pokemon Pachirisu! Very cute indeed. I recommend having a closer look

I also felt this solid colour skirt was very pretty (don't get confused by the model, it is just a skirt and not a dress). I thought the construction was decent and hopefully the fabric wont be too shiny. It is lovely and simple. The white version is my favourite.


  1. I have the JSK with the carousel print in yellow... I love it, but I'm still a little sad they didn't have the black or purple one available when I bought it.
    the squirrel printed JSK was so beautiful! and I love that it was available in several colors!... And I have to say I LOVE THE BLACK SKIRT! o_O
    Thanks for writing about it :D

  2. I wish they had released the purple right at the start when the print first came out. I love how Bodyline are extending their colour range! Having 6 different colours for the squirrel dress is brilliant!

  3. oh god, why are you doing this to me Bodyline? =w=
    I think I may have to get that squirrel cake print eventually~

  4. The squirrels are cute! I don't think I will buy the squirrel print yet but I might in the future :)


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