Thursday, 13 October 2016

Recent Haul October 2016

Last time I did a haul post I said I probably wouldn't be doing another for a while, as my wardrobe is currently quite full. However, things have not exactly gone according to plan, so here is another haul post! In all fairness, I have sold a few bits and some of these items are technically replacements. Fortunately most of my wishlist is small accessories now, and I don't have to worry too much about those.

My first of my recent purchases is this Baby Double Ribbon Bag in off-white. This is my first ever purchase from Mercari, although I took a chance and used Japonica, hoping the item would still be available when they went to buy it. There are lots of good deals on Mercari, but unless you have the app you can't see if some of the items have sold or not. There are ways of getting around this, but I decided getting this bag wasn't too urgent, so I wasn't too worried if Japonica couldn't get hold of it. I wanted this bag as a replacement to my other white Baby bag, which is very battered and all the coating is flaking off the handles. I would use this bag and then come home to find I had to brush white flecks off everything and the handles also didn't look pleasant to look at. So I purposely went for a different Baby bag design, and as I already own this style of bag in black I decided to give the white a try. Thankfully, the handles on this bag are done a lot differently and I am very confident that they are going to last a long time. The bag is in good condition with only a few small signs of wear. Although the bag has a sweet design, I will probably use it with my more sweet-classic and mature sweet outfits as well, as I think I can just about get away with it.

The only real sign of wear I found was that the layers of the bow tails have separated. A bit of glue will soon fix that up. The bows on my old white Baby bag were showing signs of damage, so I am going to be more careful about storing this bag, as I feel the bows may be a vulnerable area.

The main reason I like this particular bag design is that it actually has enough room to store stuff! I carry so much stuff with me and most lolita bags are ridiculously small, so I love having a cute bag design that can hold all of my junk. There are a couple of pockets inside to look after the small, important things and an additional handle so I can adjust the way I wear the bag. The only trouble is, I haven't figured out what to do with my old bag. I don't know if I can really sell it, given the condition, but at the same time it could still be used if the handles were replaced. The lolita second hand market appears to be quite stagnant right now, especially here in the UK. Perhaps I would be better off just getting rid of it.

Next up are these Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival socks in ivory. I own carousel prints and a few pieces I could use these with, which is my justification for getting them. Also... glittery golden ponies. Need I say any more? I got these off Yahoo Auctions and I was surprised to see that they arrived with the original tags and the tiny metal clip that would have originally held the socks together. They definitely have been used, as the AP logo on the heel is a little worn off. I am always fascinated to see how well other lolitas store their items. Some people really do keep every single tag and treat their wardrobe as if it is a museum collection. I think it is an impressive display of care and attention. It is very easy to just chuck the tags in a pile and forget all about them until after you have sold stuff.

I tried to get a close up of the ponies but it didn't come out very clear! I can just about read the AP logo in person, but in photographs it looks so blurry. The glitter on the socks is perfect.

Finally, I have a new skirt! This is Angelic Pretty's Little Birds Symphonia in ivory. I was going to get the dress, but somebody got to it before me when it popped up on Wunderwelt recently. But this is a print that I have wanted ever since it first came out and I am still very happy to get the skirt. I was initially concerned that the skirt may be a bit short, and it does sit a few inches above my knees, but AP skirts from that particular time did tend to be a bit on the shorter side. The waist measurements on Lolibrary do seem accurate as well.

A close up of the print. I remember when I first saw this series and fell in love with the combination of the bird cages and the roses. I initially wanted the sax blue, but I have since completely fallen out of love with the colour sax blue as a whole, so I found myself looking for the ivory for this series. I really miss this era of Angelic Pretty and I wish they would go back to releasing more prints like this. And I know that if Sammi and Shalisa are reading this they are going to be saying "oh look, the crazy bird lady has yet another bird themed print"! Well I have decided to embrace my love of all things bird-related!

Look at the birdy lace! I really love it when AP go all out with the lace.

I had completely forgotten that this skirt had a bustle on the back. This is my very first bustle, as I am bottom-heavy and have always worried bustles would make me look too big at the back. Thankfully, this bustle doesn't sit too badly on me! I think the bustle is a good size and shape. I like the each tier is lined with the bird lace. I sold 2 skirts so that I could buy this skirt and I am really pleased that I did. I was a bit worried it would be a bit too custesy for my style now compared to 2012, but I am so glad I took a chance on it. I really like this skirt and could not be happier.

So that is my latest haul. Funnily enough, a lot of my wishlist items decided to make an appearance all at once, so it may not be too long before I next do a haul post. I am at least selling stuff and trying to think carefully about my purchases, so I think I am being reasonably sensible. The 2016 me is at least aware that maybe there is such a thing as a too big lolita wardrobe after all!


  1. Oh, a bird print. I actually a bit bird crazy at the moment. But only swallows.
    And I always in love with Bttsb bags, they are so pretty.
    -I actually bought at lot of stuff until now. I got 2 pair of meta otks, 2 rosettes. In the mail, there is ton, almostly. 2 hair clips, headbow & necklace, a blouse from Lady Sloth and Nolaska Pastor Bugs Garden jsk. And I found a black spider necklace & ring and a black brooch in a store today.

    1. I don't think I know of any swallow prints sadly. I have noticed a lot of bird prints have quite generic looking birds. My love of all things birds is quite broad though. I think all birds are really cute!

      Wow, sounds like you have a good haul coming yourself! I think I know that dress- it looks really pretty.

    2. I reduced to swallows in my wardrobe, to avoid getting a collection out of control.

      -Really? I actually never heard about it, before it was poping up on storenvy.

    3. Yes, I think one of my fb friends posted about the dress. If it is the one I am thinking of it has a border print and these little bugs flying about. The name sounded familiar when you mentioned it.

  2. Such cute things you've gotten!! ♡___♡
    The bag is very nice, since it's all white and can be easily coordinated. That's something that's currently missing from my own wardrobe, since I sold my white bag because it was too small. x)

    Ooooh!! The princess like op of Little Birds Symphonia is my dream dress!! The skirt is so pretty too! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Thank you! That is exactly why I got the bag- it is easy to coordinate! It is really frustrating when you can't fit everything in your bag. A lot of the time you have to compromise. That is why I like this bag design so much, because it still looks pretty cute.

      I can see why that OP would be your dream dress! It is such a beautiful design. I hope you are able to get it someday (if you haven't already).


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