Thursday, 19 May 2016

Taobao Haul May 2016- Part 2

Today I am looking at the 2nd Taobao order I recently placed. This haul is a bit smaller because there was meant to be a dress (Le Mirroir re-released their cute bird print dress, but I literally just missed the reservation. I am still kicking myself for not placing my order sooner) and also a pair of bird earrings, which became out of stock during my order.

Taobao Ring packaged my order in quite a small box again, although as my order was smaller, this time the box size was probably more suited. And to be fair, this time my more fragile items were wrapped in so much bubble wrap. I actually struggled to get the feather clips open!

These are the feather clips I just mentioned, which were from here. Please excuse the lighting, it has been very overcast and rainy lately! I can confirm that in person, these clips are beautiful. They have lots of detail to them. The gems have been attached neatly too.

The clip on the back was a little bit stiff to open, but after opening it a few times it got a bit easier to do. The clip is secured well and seems strong enough to hold the clip in place. If I could change anything, I wish the back had a pin as well as a clip.

Next up are these Miss Moe Gloves. I got an off-white and a black pair. I was mainly curious to see what materials had been used for these sheer looking gloves. Sadly, the materials were really cheap. I had heard mixed reviews about Miss Moe before, so I only have myself to blame!

Size-wise, the gloves fitted really nicely. Usually with one-size gloves, I find the fingers are too long, but these gloves were not too bad. 

My main complaint with the gloves is the wrist part. Not only are the materials cheap, but they feel cheap too. The wrist bit feels so scratchy and itchy. The material is a lot more stiff than I was expecting, which caused the wrist bits to stick out at funny angles. The ribbon bow was a bit better, with a fair quality ribbon and sealed ends.

I think this photo demonstrates how bad the wrist material is! I really struggled to get the material to sit in a way I was happy with. It was determined to stick out at this funny angle. I guess an accessory is not the best way to judge a store that sells a wide variety of items, but if I was asked about Miss Moe, I would say avoid this store.

Next up is this headband from Cutie Creator (the most recent name for Ciciwork). The adornments are generally of a good quality and are well positioned on the band. One of the strawberries did have a small mark on it though. I couldn't really see any visible glue marks. The ribbon was well gathered along the band as well.

Here is a little side view. I really like the way the white bits fill out the empty spaces.

Despite the masses of bubble wrap, a pine cone did fall off though! I did manage to glue it back on okay. It does make me a bit concerned about other bits falling off.

The ribbon is matte and I really like the crimped edges. I think the ends could have been done neater, but I am generally happy with it. The bows are a nice shape too.

Here is a dodgy worn shot. For some reason, the band was determined to lean forward. I don't see why, because the band is not particularly heavy and the hair band is big enough to fit comfortably enough for an adult head. I guess I will pin it in place. There is the odd little things I am not completely happy with but overall, I actually quite like this hair band. It is definitely worth the price paid.

Next up are these Red Maria tights which I am so glad I finally got hold of, as they previously were temporarily taken off the store. The print is so pretty, that I got them in burgandy too. The packaging included some washing advice, which is handy.

When worn, the print is still crisp, but the colours are maybe not as bold as they could be. The colours especially look faded nearer the top. It doesn't look as bad nearer the bottom, so I am glad that most people will only see the bottom half of my legs when I wear them! The size is pretty much like most Taobao tights. I found they fitted my legs (I am about 5'4'') and they felt comfortable.

I just though I would share a photo of the bottom of my legs, just to show how it looks. Despite the colour not being as bold as hoped, I am still fairly happy with the tights I got. They look better in person than they do in my photos.

Finally, I got these tights from here. I got 2 pairs because the tights are of a low denier and they looked very fragile! I have made this mistake before and then found the listing had disappeared, so I try to buy multiple pairs where I can with cheap tights. The tights are a beautiful ivory colour.

This is what the floral pattern looks like close up. It looks really pretty. The rest of the tights is a very small fishnet, but the fishnet is barely noticeable. The tights feel nice too.

This is the worn photo. I found these tights were maybe a bit too small. I managed to pull them up, but it was a bit of a struggle. The pattern looks absolutely beautiful when worn though. I am really pleased with their appearance. They were actually better looking than I was expecting.

So this order has not entirely been a success (I don't know if I am going to use the gloves or not) but has overall been very positive. With the exception of the gloves, the items I got were definitely worth the price I paid. The feather clips and floral tights are my favourites from this order. I am really looking forward to adding these items to my wardrobe.

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