Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alice Fururun Review

I recently placed my first ever order with Fururun so today I thought I would share my thoughts on my experience. I ordered a pair of Angelic Pretty Sweetie Violet socks. Although I had seen an auction for the exact same socks, I ended up buying from Fururun because they were so much cheaper on there. It just goes to show you need to shop around and that auctions are not necessarily the best deal.

Ordering Process

If you look on the Fururun home page you will see there is a link about overseas ordering, but it is quite small and very easy to miss. The information on this page could have also gone in to more detail. I decided to use the shopping cart method and I found that you have to look carefully for the bits on the page that are in English, as they give you the instructions you need to fill in the form correctly. The process is doable, but perhaps the instructions could have been a bit clearer for a bit of extra reassurance.


When you have placed an order you get sent an automated email. What I didn't initially realise is that they like you to reply to their email to confirm that your information is correct. So I did reply to the email and it then took them a few days to get back to me. I placed the order on the 25th of March and they got back to me on the 30th. To be fair, this was over the Easter weekend. I don't know if Fururun were off over the holiday, which could mean they are usually a bit faster. I paid the invoice and I made sure to reply to their email to say I had paid (I am not sure you need to, but I thought it was better to be safe than sorry). My socks were shipped out on April the 1st.


Fururun ship overseas via EMS and my socks arrived on the 5th. This is pretty quick, so I was pleased.

My socks arrived in what was a very thick shopping bag. It was sealed neatly with tape. As I was only buying a pair of socks, I felt the packaging was suitable, but if I was ordering something more expensive I would have probably expected something a bit more secure than this. The packaging was very cute though!

Inside, my socks were wrapped in a protective layer of plastic and there were those little tiny metal clips which are usually used to hold socks in place. 

My socks were ranked as a B and when they arrived they were almost like new. There was a tiny bit of dust on the bottom of one sock that came right off. I could tell right away that they had hardly been worn, if at all. The logo on the bottom of the socks was still crystal clear and there was no signs of wear, such as piling, at all. So I am really impressed with the condition.

So overall, this was a positive experience for me, but there are things that Fururun could improve on. Their instructions may seem a bit confusing if you are not used to ordering from Japanese second hand shops. But the socks themselves were exactly what I was expecting and it wouldn't put me off ordering from Fururun again.

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