Thursday, 21 January 2016

Lolita Desu Review- Positive

Today I shall be reviewing an order I placed with Lolita Desu, who are a second hand Japanese fashion store. To tell the truth, I actually put in 2 orders with Lolita Desu quite close together. The order I am reviewing today is the 2nd of the 2 orders I placed. The only difference between the 2 orders was that with the first order I requested Airmail and the second order was shipped by EMS. I didn't take photos of the 1st order because I was initially not planning to to a Lolita Desu review. Anyway, the first order went through really easily and the Airmail was actually really quick. I only went with EMS for this second order because it wasn't a great deal more expensive and I have more experience with using EMS. I received the same high level of care with both orders, so here I shall share with you my review of my 2nd order!

Ordering Process and communication

The Lolita Desu website is quite clearly set out and easy to navigate. You can search by categories such as 'lolita', but I prefer to see specific brand categories using the links near the bottom of the page instead, as I feel that gives me a fuller picture of what is available. The cart system was really simple and I was able to place my order with no issues at all. I got all of the emails quickly. I can't comment too much on the communication, because I had no problems at all and didn't really need to contact Lolita Desu at all.


For this order I used EMS, which I felt was reasonably priced in comparison to similar websites. My order was shipped out the next working day and it arrived super quick. The whole process was really quick. Both Airmail and EMS come with tracking, although when I ordered using Airmail I did find I had trouble using the tracking when it got to the UK (apparently Royal Mail had a fault with their tracking page, so it was out of Lolita Desu's control anyway).

This is how my order arrived. It was shipped in a simple envelope. I would have preferred a bubble envelope for a bit of extra padding, but when I opened up the package I saw why Lolita Desu hadn't bothered with bubble wrap.

Instead of a bubble envelope, my necklace arrived in a tupperware container! I don't think I have ever seen this before! And on the inside the container was padded out with sweets. So the necklace was quite safely padded and I also got loads of free sweets. I thought when I saw the candy in the picture above, that was it, so it was a surprise to get even more free candy inside! My other order had free candy in it too. Some of the candy was really yummy, but I wasn't sure about the tomato flavoured sweet!

And here is the necklace I ordered. I have been looking for a suitable crown necklace for ages, and this Angelic Pretty one is exactly what I was looking for. On the website, the item condition was ranked as B but after a thorough examination, I can't see a single thing wrong with it. I suppose A rank is reserved for brand new items though.

I thought I would take a few little close up shots of the necklace. I love the design so much.

So all I can do is heap praise on Lolita Desu for providing a great service with no hassle at all. The site was a pleasure to browse and I like that there is a reward system too. I already have about $10 worth of points saved after placing 2 really small orders. The orders were really safely packaged too, albeit a bit strangely! I would definitely recommend Lolita Desu to other lolitas and I will be ordering again in the future.

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