Thursday, 22 January 2015

First Lolita Outing Of 2015!

On Saturday I wore my first lolita outfit of the year to meet up with Shalisa and Sammi. We had a casual get-together in Oxford to catch up. After the long drag of the holiday period, it felt good to dress up and see friends.

I used this meet as an excuse to finally wear Candy Star Rabbit. It took me a while to wear this skirt because in all honesty, I was at a bit of a loss about how to co-ordinate it. The blue shade is an unusual shade but it matches my AP Dream Star necklace really well. A lot of people tend to just used black with this colour of Candy Star Rabbit. I decided to add some red to the mix. I think it works. Our little mini meets tend to be very casual and laid-back so I stuck to solid coloured pieces to tone down the skirt a bit. I think the colour combination is already quite a strong feature so it wasn't necessary to go too OTT. 

We decided to go to Bamboo for lunch. It was meant to be one of the suggested Ox Loli Anniversary meet food options but they don't really offer vegetarian options, so we decided to go when there were no vegetarians with us. I picked this really tasty pork in a rich soy sauce. It arrived at the table spitting and sizzling and it was definitely worth the wait for it to cool down. I still managed to burn my tongue on it though! I would definitely come here again and it is a shame we can't really go there with the Oxford group.

Afterwards we decided to do a bit of shopping and we stumbled upon this peculiar jacket in H&M. It was like we had gone in to the future! We didn't really have that much success shopping but that is probably for the best, seeing as my over-stuffed wardrobe collapsed on Christmas Day.

Once we had finished shopping we headed over to the Mitre for drinks. I ordered myself a chocolate fudge cake again! I had it at the last Oxford meet and it was amazing. This cake has quickly become one of my favourite things. It is so heavy and rich.

And finally, a blurry group photo. Given how tired we felt by this point, it is probably for the best this photo is blurry! We chatted for hours and had a couple of drinks. It is always good when we have these little meets as it means we can catch up with each other properly and there is less planning involved. Overall, it was a very fun day and it was great to see Sammi and Shalisa again.


  1. It looks like you had a great day! I'm looking forward to the Oxford comm meet in Feb :)

    1. It will be great to see you! I finished the prizes last night and my raffle stuff arrived today, so everything is starting to come together :)

  2. You look so cute! Love the pop of red, it really works nicely with the print on the skirt. What a fun looking meet :)

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like the red. I was unsure about adding a new colour to the outfit but I think it worked out okay in the end!


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