Monday, 21 October 2013

Holy Lantern by Angelic Pretty

Apologies for the blogging break. Today I will finally be looking at Holy Lantern by Angelic Pretty. This series includes 2 dresses, a skirt, a cutsew dress, 3 cutsews, socks, tights, 2 hair accessories, wrist cuffs and lots of pieces of jewellery.

This is the OP. Due to the free-size waist, there isn't really a defined bodice shape but overall I would say the shape is very pretty. The sleeves are a good length and the solid coloured cuffs match up well with the collar. The lace used on the cuffs also matches up well, although I think AP could have gotten away with it not being there. The pearls on the cuffs are a nice touch too, although I would have used fewer pearls because it looks a bit too OTT.

I tend to find collars like this a bit stuffy and uncomfortable looking, but I think this style suits the dress. I would have probably not used that lace around the neck though. The overall shape of the collar is pretty and I like the ruffle around the edge because it gives a touch of cute. AP have done a really good job of balancing the creepy and cute elements of this series. The detachable neck tie is also another cute touch. I think the star shaped studs on the neck tie are an interesting idea, but don't really add much to the overall design. As mentioned the neck tie is detachable, although I personally think it looks better with the neck tie left on. Underneath the tie is a line of pearls. Again, I feel AP have gone a bit overboard with the number of pearls and having fewer would have worked better.

The back doesn't have any shirring which isn't great for plus-sized AP fans, but in my opinion shirring really wouldn't have worked with this particular dress. An interesting inclusion on the back is the ends of the waist ties. They are shaped like crosses! I wouldn't say I was a fan of them though, and if they wanted to liven up the ties then a cross shaped charm would have maybe looked a bit classier.

As for the overall shape, although it may look like a shapeless nightgown to some, I actually really like it. It gives off a really creepy cute vibe. The waist ties will hopefully help to adjust the shape well enough and there is lots of room for a decent petticoat underneath, if desired. The print is displayed very well. The bottom hem is then finished off with some lovely custom AP lace.

This is the JSK. The bodice looks well fitted. Although the material is a bit loose looking, you would probably expect that when working with chiffon like this. The heart neckline is very shapely and I like it a lot. The tulle used along the neckline helps to soften the edge nicely. The straps are thin and look a bit flimsy, but bulky straps really wouldn't suit this dress anyway. The front has corset style detailing. The ribbon has been done very neatly here and is spaced out well, although I think I would have preferred criss-crossing ribbon instead of the style AP have gone for. I am really undecided on the 2 zips on the front of this dress. On the one hand it gives the dress a very punky edge, but at the same time I don't think the zips look very attractive. However, I do think the cross charms on the zips are a nice touch. The back is fully shirred, so the shirring is quite exposed. It does however, blend in quite well on the darker colourways. The waist ties have the same crosses on the ends as the OP does. The photos show that the skirt has the potential to flare out really well. The skirt shape is quite rounded. The print is also displayed very well. The bottom hem is finished off with more custom AP lace.

And here we can see what the print looks like. As we can see, the print comes in ivory, lavender, wine and black. For me, the lavender is instantly the stand out colour. I love the way the black print details look against the lavender colour and it really is a lovely mix of creepy and cute. The wine version looks gorgeous and the print really contrasts well against the ivory. The black however, is a bit of a let down for me. The print just blends in too much for my liking and it is not as striking as the other 3 colours. As a moons and stars fan, I really love their inclusion in the print. They actually work really well teamed with the lanterns and crosses. The crosses are drawn beautifully, with lots of detail. The chandeliers are wonderful too. I am actually not that fussed by the lanterns in the print, but I think they fit in well with everything else. It is an interesting print and nothing really looks out of place.

I know Angelic Pretty have had a lot of success with their 'melty' styled products and sometimes it can work very well. However, I feel the 'melting' part at the top of the socks spoil what is otherwise, a very cool pair of gothic socks. I don't feel it works well with the rest of the sock and I don't really see the connection of 'melting' with the rest of the series. The 'melty' part just feels really out of place. If I were to buy matching leg wear for this series, then I would probably choose the tights over these socks.

So overall, I think this is a good series. There are a few tiny little bits I would change to the dress designs but overall, I am impressed. I doubt this print will be going on my wishlist but I would be very happy to own it. I love it when AP makes chiffon dresses! If I were to buy a dress, I would go for the OP in lavender. I think a lot of the jewellery and accessories for this series are wonderful too. The cross jewellery especially, would match lots of different series and are very versatile, despite the AP initials on them. I can definitely see why this series has sold so well!

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