Thursday, 8 November 2012

Clobba and Secret Shop Review- Positive

Today I will be reviewing my latest Clobba order! I ordered a pair of Secret Shop crown shoe replicas. These shoes were already in stock, so I didn't have to wait as long as something being ordered in.

Ordering Process

Ordering from Clobba is very simple. The instructions are available on the home page, near the bottom. The instructions could maybe be placed in a more obvious place so first time users can spot it easily. I had to fill out an order form, which was simple enough to follow and I sent it back with no problems. I had no issues with this at all.


Martin responded to all of my emails every quickly. He apologised for his slow response one time, but I thought he had answered me very quickly! Martin seems to know exactly what he is talking about and I felt like I was in safe hands. The only time he slipped up was when he sent my shoes. Normally, Clobba will send you a photograph of your parcel when they give you your tracking number. Martin managed to lose the photograph for my order. I wasn't too worried because I chose EMS shipping and I have been happy with Clobba's service in the past. He was quick to apologise for this.


I placed the order on a Sunday evening, paid on the Tuesday, it was shipped on the Thursday and arrived the following Wednesday. So that was a grand total of 9 and a half days it took from start to finish. Not bad considering that included a weekend. I thought they arrived pretty quickly.

The shoes were very secure. In fact, they were so secure that it took me a couple of minutes just to get in to them with my scissors. They were shipped in a shoe box, covered in bubble wrap, covered in plastic and lots of tape. So in other words, they were very secure. There was absolutely no way that any water was going to get in there. I shook the box a little and nothing moved about inside.

My shoe box! 

On the inside my shoes were wrapped up in tissue paper and plastic and then thoroughly stuffed with tissue paper. The pearl chains were placed in a plastic bag and wrapped in tissue paper too.

Hmm... Pretty sure my other Secret Shop shoes have their own name in them and not the brand they are replicating... But nobody is going to see that logo when I wear them.

After the challenge of getting in to my parcel, my next challenge was working out how to attach the pearl chains. It was a bit fiddly and the metal clasps didn't quite fit over the straps. I had to force them on a little bit. I am a bit concerned that they may fall off quite easily, but I have not had the chance to wear these for a long period yet. I guess I will have to wait and see.

The stitching on the shoes has been done very neatly. I really love the crown part of the shoes. The studs are pretty. I think that I would have preferred pearl studs instead of diamante ones, but these are nice enough.

The front of the shoes rise up a little bit. I think that over time, they will eventually lower.

Unfortunately, Clobba only had one size left in stock and that size happened to be one size bigger than my usual size. It did mean having to pay an extra $6. I believe these shoes were pretty popular! I ordered these shoes, knowing they would be too big and I would need a pair of insoles with them. However, I was a bit surprised by how wide the shoes were on me. My feet are about a 24.5cm, but I usually buy 25cm because I have very wide feet. These shoes are 25.5cm and I am amazed by how much room there is along the sides of my feet. You wouldn't think half a centimetre would make much difference but you can see in the photo (especially with the foot on the left of the picture, although my foot is slightly flexed) that there is quite a significant amount of space. But apart from this, the shoes are very comfortable and so far, I have not had any problems wearing them. They feel like they have been built well and will last a fair amount of time. 

So like last time, Clobba was very quick and reliable. I felt very valued as a customer. As for the shoes, they are exactly what I was expecting. I am very happy with Secret Shop's quality. I knew they would be slightly too big for me, but that is easily remedied. So this has been a very positive experience and I would recommend them.


  1. woow I have never seen these shoes before and they are just wonderful with this crown and pearls,so original design ^^

    1. Yeah, I remember the first time I saw the original AP ones and I loved them straight away!

  2. I've never seen secret shop using AP in their shoes! how odd!


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